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Chronic Leg Pain
114 Replies
Liquid_Niki - September 18

I have leg pain that mimcs PAD (peripheral artery disease). I have had fibro for several years, but most of the pain has been in my chest and back. This pain in my legs has become horrid, to the point of scaring me. My doctor said he doesn't think I have PAD (My blood pressure's great, and I'm 32)
My main concern is, is this leg pain normal? It's really, really bad, and mostly in my calf muscles, but sometimes in my knees. It's plowing me down daily now. Any info or help appreciated greatly! Thanks!


Horselvr - January 30

most definitely the same here!!!!!!!untolerable at times, i use a heating pad....twenty minutes on then twenty minutess off..........never found anything other than a hot bath to help.


intheknow - February 12

Did you know your insurance company dictates the tests you get and the answers your doctor dismisses as Fibromyalgia? I've been going through this crap now for over 7 years, and continue to worsen. Lung disease, thyroid disease, nodules, fevers, liver and kidney disease, and the list goes on... The fact that doctors don't even examine or even touch me anymore and keep dismissing my problems as "fibromyalgia" made me realize that there is a conspiracy going on. Go do an internet search on "Fibromyala dismissive" and read up on the controversy. Here's what I've had to do in order to have a physician finally admit that fibromyalgia is merely passive to satisfy the patient and keep the insurance company from paying to allow a correct diagnosis and treat you effetively. You really need to research your symptoms thoroughly. Print off the facts you find, ask for specific testing and most important of all...BRING A WITNESS TO YOUR DOCTOR APPOINTMENTS. You must drill your doctor with your witness present why they don't test for other possibilities based on the facts. Be sure and request copies of your tests so you have the information you need to keep researching the possibilities.'re in for a rough future, and paying for the insurance company's profitability through your suffering. Best of luck!


Twanger - March 1

I have the same problem. I found that taking Aleve on a regular basis helps. I also found that this is more prevalent in the winter. I can deal with it in the summer and fight through the pain and it goes away until the next winter.


Susan - March 29

I know where you are coming from!! The pain in my legs seems unbearable at times. I would waken frequently in the night crying, unable to get out of bed and very frightened!The pain in so intense that standing to go the the bathroom or for whatever reason is out of the question.
I've had tests for blood clots, x-rays and MRI's on my legs. My legs and feet will swell and at times it is not possible to put a enclosed shoe on. One thing I found helpful is to get in a cool water spa that has powerful jets that massage the calves.
I'm 43 and have dealt with fibromyalgia for over two years. One the first problems I had was the severe calf pains. I still deal with this problem. For me there are better days and no so good days. Prescription strength pain relievers are great if you can tolerate them. I use Motrin (600-800mg's at a time) and Arthritis strength Tylenol. You might want to see a rheumatologist regarding your knees. I found out that I have arthritis, also. Bone on bone. OUCH!!
The recommended hot water baths caused more irritation on my already irritated, swollen legs.


kbit - April 18

Thank you I thought I was going crazy. My leg pain is so bad. Stretching helps some. Try some yoga maybe.


Chas. - April 26

Have leg pains below the knees, ok when standing but not much range of motion. Gets worse when sitting or driving. Been diagnosed with osteoarthritis but am not positive I have this. My joints do not hurt, just the muscles.


Amy - May 13

I too have severe leg pain that started with burning ankles, then burning feet. I have not been able to wear any type of sock or stocking for the past 2 years. Most shoes are also off limits. I get the sunburn on the legs and lately the knees are bad. I do have degenerative arthritis in both knees and have just started the fluid lubricant injection in the worst knee. Standing is better than sitting as it hurts the back of legs where the end of the chair hits the leg. I've been told I have delayed food allergies but they took me off of everything including all citrus and I ended up getting too weak from lack of good food so I'm just trying to limit each item. Besides sugar, onion and soy were on top of the list along with anything from a cows utter, rye, wheat and others.


nancy - May 14

I have very bad pain in my calves asl well and the bottoms of my feet hurt terrribly. I know it is the FM. I have not yet found anything to help. My doctors have been very helpfull and thorough doing all sorts of tests to rule out other problems. Amy, you mention the sunburn. I have that all over my legs. What do you know about that? Is it a Fibro symptom?


randamer - May 16

I've not been diagnosed with Fibro - by doctor doesn't believe in it. But my pain started in my hip muscles, then calf muscles, now pretty much any muscle I use too much! Anyway, it all started in my hips and legs. Warm water helps tremendously!! Also worse in cold weather, almost unable to stay outside for any length of time in winter. Skin burning sensation on my back started this week. Suppose I'm glad to hear it's just part of this weird thing. Curious: about how old are most of you???? My doctor says I'm TOO young and TOO "fit" for Fibro. I got it suddenly when I just turned 39. 5'5" and 130 pounds. I think this doctor doesn't know so much about it.


randamer - May 16

Oh also, I'm on Neurontin 600 mg, for chronic pain. Was put on it for my bladder (interstitial cystitus) about three years ago. But, after all neuro tests on muscles were fine this last year, neuro said to double dose on Neurontin because it is good for chronic pain. It's NOT a pain killer, but a neurotransmitter "blocker" sortof. Keeps the pain from being too sharp most of the time. Mine is triggered immediately by stress and overextersion (climbing steep steps or picking up children alot). Anyway, if you're in extreme pain for any length of time, see if they will give you Neurontin. No side effects really.


Nancy - May 16

randamer: It sounds like you definitely have FM! I also had bladder problems and I was in my 30's. That is one of the many symptoms. I have taken Neurontin and it does help somewhat. Find another doctor--one who understands this syndrome. The sooner you get it under control the better. A rhuemetologist who treats FM would be good. It makes me mad that you are suffering and not getting proper help. I started with it at your age and I am now 54.


Dawn - May 29

(to randamer)Thats rediculous. Im only 32 used to swim daily for hours and Ive got it.I had a severe case of chickenpox pneumoina which left me with fms and a few other probs but I cant believe your gp.. dont let it deserve better..
oops I also get severe leg pain mostly my hips now but anywhere from my ankles(tendonitis) to my hips and boy it kills me too..


Angela - August 15

Hi all, I'm actually in tears here because of my leg pain. I've had it for two years and I can't sit down properly because this is when it is worse. Burning from my buttock muscles right down to my toes with stabing pains in my calves. Lying down used to ease it but even that hurts now. I was diagnosed with fibro at the beginning of the year as I have a lot of other painful symptoms too. I'm 35 years old. Been to the docs again today and have to increase the amitriptyline (to help with the depression) Oh my! Well I feel sorry for you all having to suffer this dreadful illness too. 'd like to send you huge hugs. If anyone would like to contact me my email is [email protected] Angela xxxxx


judith4d - August 23

I have similar leg symptoms as well as fibro. Pain was way too much for fibro per pain specialist I was referred to. I was just diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis (narrowing of spinal column) as well as bone spurs on my spinal column. Can you get your doctor to order an MRI? Does walking hurt more than sitting or standing? Part of mine is age, 62. exercies for fibro but walking hurts and walking more hurts more. Try the MRI route if your insurance will covr it. You have too much pain for just fibro. Take care. Judy


peggy - November 10

I was diagnosed with fibro when I was 24 and although I have taken quite a few pain meds nothing seems to help. I figure taking all those pain meds might be doing me more harm than good. However with all the symptoms of fibro my leg pain is by far the worse. My calves, shins, and thighs burn and the pain is so bad I can't come up with the words to describe it. I can't get any relief at all even with pain killers. I am at a lost of what to do. I have also been trying to get pregnant so I have to be off my meds but I am scared not knowing how much worse it is going to be. Any ideas from any one? I also have severe hot spots on my shins and tops of feet. The bottom of my feet could be ice cold and the tops will be burning. You can actually feel the difference in temp. when you touch them.
I do the hot baths and the heating pad and ice packs and massage but to no avail. I can't be on my feet too long which is also kind of hard having an 8 year old. For everyone out there suffering with this, lots of love. Can someone give me some ideas of what I can do before it drives me mad...literally!!
Thanks and take care


Shelley - November 12

I am so happy I founf this site. I also was diagnoised with Fibro about 2 years ago. I am 52. My biggest p0roblem at this point is the pain from my hips to my ankles. I thought I was alone in this. I wake screaming with pain. My pain is all the way down my legs but seems to get the knees also. Glad to have found everyone. Good health.



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