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Chronic Fatigue
2 Replies
Landi - September 11

Hi Friends, it's Landi again. I need someone to help me out with your experience with Chronic Fatigue. Along with headaches, frequent urniations, triggers hots every two weeks (nine of them at one session.) I have to deal with fatique which is horrible. I just have no energy, beside waking up with stiffness in my body the fatique is another symptom I h ave to deal with. I just have no energy to get out of bed if I do I just sit cause I feel so weak. At times I doubt my doctor even though he is a specialist if he is doing all he can for me. PLease! If anyone has this promble share with me what to do. The older I get it appears the worse my Fibro becomes. I am so tierd of this condition, the symtoms and not having qualit of life. Please share with me what to do.


Jean - September 8

I've had Fibro for 4 years. Quality of sleep is very important. I still have fatigue but it seems to get better if I have a good nights sleep. Unfortunatley I have to use sleeping pills and sometimes they don't work well, you rebound. You might want to see a Urologist to see about the frequent urination, that sounds like another condition.You need to pay attention as to what kind of headaches you are having. If you are having migraine headaches that needs to be diagnosed. Tension headaches use over the counter meds. If you are having frequent headachs you should see a nuerologist, it could be something more. Hots, I'm thinking hot flashes, if this is the case your hormones should be checked by a OBGYN or an Endocrinologist, in fact he would be better because you can get all your hormones checked and glands checked to make sure they're working properly. I don't know how long you've been dealing with this but it can cause anxiety and depression and there is help for that. Don't take that wrong because chemical embalances in the brain can occur and cause weird things to happen and antidepressants do help. I thought the same thing your crazy but I know that it has helped and it's ok. Doctors can only treat this disease symptomatically and you and your doctor need to find what best works for you. If you are in pain, finding the right pain medication will do wonders. Getting everything else checked out you might find you need medication for that sypmtom. Stretching exercises will work only if you are willing to devote every day doing these. In the long run you can feel better but it does take time. I understand what you are going through so hang in there and work towards the goal of feeling better. It won't take this condition away but it can help you live with it better.


:Landi - September 11

Thank you Jean, for your advise and thoughts. I appreciate it deeply and will attempt to follow your advise. Your explaination made a lot of sense to me. I was prescribed Provigil for my fatigue by my doctor last week, it has helped me immensley. I am now able to ride my tricycle pacing myself, and actually feel some energy back into my body. I even started to quilt a baby blanket that has been staring me in the face for months all due to this prescription. But your right, I need to see particular specialist for all my other symptoms. Thank you, for responding.



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