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chronic fatigue
2 Replies
lmb2 - March 5

Does anyone know what kinds of treatments are out there for the horrible fatigue that comes with fibro? I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow to tell him that I think we need to approach my treatment in a different way. I've been treating the pain for 2 years and yes, the pain is being helped, but i have had no improvement in the quality of my life! I would like to try treating the fatigue ahead of the pain and see what happens. i'm thinking maybe the pain will improve a little just if i have the energy to excercise again and maybe it won't be so torturous. The only time in the past 3 years that I remember feeling ok was before my fibro diagnosis when they thought i had adult ADD (i know now that the symptoms i was describing that made them think this were actually fibro-fog symptoms). well i was put on adderall and my fibro fog got better, i was able to get myself going and actually do things in the morning, morning stiffness went away faster, had more time with my kids, and my pain was a little better and I think that just had to do with the fact that i was able to excercise again. as it is now, i feel like i'm going to collapse every time i do and it just hurts. please let me know if any of you have had any luck with treating the fatigue first. i really need to figure something out that will improve my quality of life because i feel like my fatigue is wreaking havoc on my family... also my daughter starts kindergarten in september and how am i going to get her to school if i can't get going before noon!!!


amandaknits - March 6

I'd suggest going off the Adderall for a weekend and go back on it again. Your body gets used to it, and no longer becomes affective. It helps me!


Fantod - March 6

I find using a sublingual B12 lozenge with folic acid is very helpful. I keep the bottle on my bedside table. That way I can use it before I have to get up. It gives me a "push" to get going. My nutritionist recommended that I do do this. Getting one with folic acid is important as it helps your body absorb the B12. I use one with 400 mcg folic acid and 1000 mcg B12. As always, be aware that even homeopathic remedies can have side effects. Be sure you understand how to use this. Take care.



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