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7 Replies
tnichel - September 15

I went to a chiropractic doctor this week after doing something to my neck that caused me not to be able to turn it right or to bend it. It seems to have helped a lot and the back pain isn't as pronounced. I've heard a lot of mixed opinions about chiropracters. Do you have one? Has it helped?


JJ1 - September 15

Unfortunately my first and only experience with a chiropracter was very bad. I have been afraid to try again. I don't get too much pain, but when I do, it can be where I cannot turn my head for a day or may be able to hardly walk for a day or two. It would be nice to have someone trusted who could help. I usually just stay in bed and take some otc pain meds.


dalejr62 - September 17

I have gone to the chiropractor and I have gotten some relief in my neck and the numbness in my arms and hands. He puts electrodes on me and I want to go in for acupuncture, I heard that will also help. Good Luck!


Urse - September 17

I was seeing a chiro for years until recently, when an MRI found bone spurs in my lower back. My GP advised me not to have adjustments anymore.

Something that has helped me more than chiropractic are massages, where the therapist works out the knots in muscles.


Robin1237 - September 19

I went to chiropractors also from the beginning of this fibro, but I found out last year after 25 years what I really have: it's Lyme disease. We have a bacterial infection, generally acquired from the bite of an infected tick, but can also come from other insects and also human transmission. The Lyme bacteria inflame our nerves and soft tissues. Chiropractic makes me feel better temporarily, but we really have a bacterial infection that needs to be treated. I got tested at the Igenex lab(, tested positive for Lyme, went on clindamycin antibiotic 150 mg 4x/day and my fibro symptoms went to zero in one week. We generally need antibiotics, plus people are doing a lot of other treatments too. Go to to learn about it all and connect with people who can help steer you through this. Youcan also email me at [email protected]


JJ1 - September 19

Robin, I definitely think it is worth looking into, but I think you are stretching it to say this is what everyone has.


Robin1237 - September 20

JJ1, this is my first time coming to a fibro forum since being diagnosed with Lyme last year. I've been reading about everyone's symptoms here, and it all sounds like the same symptoms we discuss on lymenet -- ie, Lyme with sometimes the additional coinfection symptoms too. I have yet to read a symptom on this board that doesn't match Lymesymptoms!! Many people test positive outright for Lyme, and many do not, even those with Lyme, like they actually got the bull's eye rash after being bitten, which means Lyme for sure, but still their bloodtest did not test positive. That's why it's a clinical diagnosis as well, and it's also how you respond to antibiotics. I had a huge response to clindamycin when I tried it. Within one week, no more fibro pain! We're all different and respond differently to meds. And it's best to find a Lyme-treating doctor to try it all with. So, I'm up for continued discussion on what's going on here.


melvian - September 24

They are the ONLY reason that I can move as well. 1 1/2 yrs ago I was in a curled position from all the fibro and bad discs. They have me moving pretty well. Keep in mind a few things. They all have different techniques. My chiro practices the Gonstead theory. It works for me. Also, it's not an instant cure. My chiro reminds me often that it took years for my back to become a mess. It will take years to undo it! Good Luck



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