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Chinese Herbs, in your opinion good or bad?!
4 Replies
chucksusanandgrace - February 6

Just curious if you think chinese herbs can cause adverse reactions and fibromyalgia like symptoms?? I was taking a multi vitamin with a ton of extra chinese herbs like:
Dong quai root
codonopsis root
and a bunch of other weird/strange things.

After researching a bit more, a lot of those herbs said that you should use with caution (on Web MD) and not use past 2 months. I have been taking them for quite some time.

The vitamin is Pure Essence Lab. It is the womenes one n only formula.


kvc33 - February 23

Any supplement can cause an adverse reaction. I have to be careful with everything. The dose is important too. For instance I can take 500 mg of vit C a day but if I go beyond that it makes my burning on urination worse. Usually I get itchy all over if I take too much of something. If a supplement doesn't seem to help you in some way there is really no point in taking it.


Noca - February 23

Almost every mineral/vitamin taken in too large amounts can cause adverse side effects.


bmcgovern - February 23

I only take natural medicine. I do take some Chinese herbs and just depends what it is but they seem to help a bit. I take Stomach Curing for nausea which really helps a lot. Pretty much all natural medicine agrees with me. They don't seem to cause a reaction with my Fibromyalgia, but prescription medication doesn't agree with me.


Canada17 - February 23

anyone can have an adverse reaction to anything at any time, even things that haven't done any harm in the past.

Fibromyalgia (FM) tends to create an over-sensitivity to anything we put in or on our bodies. It's hard to know what items will cause us problems until we test them, which if we do should be done in reduced doses.

I think the reason people are cautioned against taking these herbs for extended periods of time is because there isn't much information or research to allow health officials to know what the effects are

I think the reason



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