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Chills in back and soreness following dental work
6 Replies
madeinuk - October 24

In addition to constant soreness in the low back and piriformis, and tightness and pain in the neck, Ive also been having chills in my back and its like it feels sore to touch. Is this a common FM experience? It flared up following dental work a few months ago and its been pretty bad since then. Has anyone had something like this happen?



Virg - October 25

Hi Peter.. I don't know if its an FM experience but I'm sure it would be a major flare caused by aggrevation to having dental work done whether it was drilling, pulling or even cleaning. The nerves in the area the dentist works on are sensitive to all body parts. I had some mouth work done a couple of months ago and got a very bad sore throat. If I had a dentist working on my teeth I'm sure I'd get some bad reaction because for one I consider the dentist a major stress. I hope you feel better soon.


carm - October 25

Hurting when your touched is an FM symptom. I don't know about the cold feeling.


Kimber2270 - October 25

I had my worst flareup after dental surgery and a few minor flareups both times I had to go in for other dental work. I need to get a couple of fillngs replaced but am putting it off b/c I'm scared I will have another flareup.


madeinuk - October 25

Ive also read horrible things about the effects of root canals - ive just felt toxic since then :(


daymac - November 6

Hi madeinuk..i am new here and been to loads of specialists and gone from labyrithitis to now fibro which was diagnosed by an all med doc at hospital but gonna ask to see rheumatologist mine all started after having traumatic time having tooth out was that ill i thought dentist used non hygeinic tools and felt my body was all infected had antibiotics which made symptoms worse from shakes aching all over nauseous faintness dizzy blur vision but 15 years ago i had thyroid out due to allergic to tablets which then they thought i had lupus but all cleared up but when i look back over years i think i have always got tired and body hurting more easily than it should so maybe this dental episode just made everything flare up with a bang so not looking forward to any more dental treatment also does anybody get what feels like cold crawling sensation under skin mainly in scalp and back thanks


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?



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