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Chest Wall Pain and Tenderness
19 Replies
mgalis - March 1

Is chest wall pain and tenderness a common issue with Fibro? I feel as though I am bruised from my collarbone down to the area underneath my breasts. I am sore to the touch and experience pain all day long. I have had a cardio exam and a mammography...not sure if this is just something I need to learn to deal with. Thanks!


Iinda - March 2

Hello mgalis, yes this is a very common symptom of fibromyalgia. It is often diagnsoed as "costochondritis" or pectoral myofascial pain. It can be very painful and worrisome. I am no stranger to this as well. For most of us it seems to come and go. Hope this is of help to you.


mgalis - March 2

Is there anything that I can do to ease the pain. I've tried Motrin, but it doesn't seem to have much effect. Thanks for your input!


jmtassey - March 5

Hi mgalis, I have not been diagnosed with fibro but I do have a lot of the symptoms including chest wall pain which the doc said was costochondritis. Sometimes its VERY painful and other times it's not so bad. It feels bruised and tender to the touch and yes I also had my heart checked. It has been going on since november so I know what your going through. Unfortunantly I dont know how to get rid of it, right now I'm taking some homeopathic medicine that is supposed to cure it but who knows, I guess I will have to wait and see. Try a heating pad, icy hot rub, and warm baths that seems to helps me. Good Luck


almsha - March 5

Hi mgalis, I was diagnosed with FMS in Sept. 2003 and have had the tenderness feeling of being bruised since then. This feeling is so bad sometimes that I can't stand for my clothing to touch my skin. This is a normal feeling of FMS as the nerve sensories are intensified with our disease/syndrome. Can't help with relief as I have found nothing that helps mine yet. But do keep on trying as one day we will have an answer.


tcmby - March 9

Yup... me too. mine is so bad that it messes up my breathing, the muscles are so tight in there. someone reccommended using a tennis ball for shoulder and back pain, so i actually tried using it against a wall but facing forwards on my chest. yes, it hurts but it does help me. that is more for the deep myofascial type (knots/trigger points) pain though.... I wouldn't use it for "nerve" type or burning pain like almsha is describing she has.


tcmby - March 9

also... do any of you guys feel like this chest pain messes with your breathing? all my testing has been perfect, but it definately affects mine. and does anyone notice that their chest "cracks"? Mine cracks & snaps when I twist or bend backwards. I find that a good crack can relieve some of the pain at times. also if I press hard down on my chest it will "pop" out loud. are you guys finding you are rounding or hunched forward? this all totally F#@$!*% sucks!


tcmby - March 9

Oh yeah mgalis.... tylenol or advil doesn't do a thing for me, a strong painkiller does give some relief but not much. maybe try massage (self with tennis ball or professional)... it helps me more than pills ever have :)


JJ1 - March 9

My 13 year old daughter was having chest pains and we took her to a cardiologist. She described having difficulty in breathing then there would be a cracking and then the breathing would be ok again. The pediatric cardiologist said he sees 50 or 60 kids a month (can it really be that many?) with exact same symptoms, and after doing an EKG said that it was normal, it happens sometimes and he likened it to growing pains. Don't know if this helps much, especially if you are past the growing pain stage.


coffeebean - March 9

I have the exact same feeling and am wondering the same thing. It is a burning ache to me in the same area, especially on the left side but not cardiac in nature. I was just recently told I may have fibro too by my doctor.


Iori - March 10

"Growing Pains" are one of the leading indicators of Fibromyalgia in younger people. Maybe you should take her to a rheumy to rule that out.


mhoholuk - March 10

I too have costochondritis.....I have moderate pain in my chest....I usually feel it when i get overly ambitious and lift up heavy items...other times, I feel pain when I turn my body in the car to look backwards.....As for the breathing.....I'm at my wits end......I thought it was asthma....2 pulmonary specialists hve ruled it out.....I also have very bad acid reflux, which makes me short of breath......and when I'm in a bad episode, acid reflux, and costochondrits and maybe a cold/flu.....I'm real bad....I can barely walk acorss the supermarket without the feeling that I can't take a deep breath....can anyone verify this?....Why does this occur.....Usually taking Ibupreofen helps breath better.....I can't take the Ibuprofen forever.......I need help.....can anyone recoomend some help....


Adaire - March 10

I also have had this. My fibromyalgia started out as costochondritis. I have heard this is actually really common. You should go to the trigger point website that explains how muscles can mimic all sorts of painful diseases. When you have trigger points in your chest it can feel like emphysema and other horrible things even though it is just muscular. I had many pulmonary tests, x-rays, CT scans etc... they said that as severe as my symptoms have been, they were still all MUSCULAR in origin. Doctors are pretty clued out for the most part about how bad muscular pain can be and what symptoms it can create, its so crazy and confusing. I'll paste the link for you below >>>


Adaire - March 10


Adaire - March 10


Adaire - March 15

CB... read these too.


Jean Taylor - March 16

I have it daily. Not even the strong drugs I take touch it. I'm very concientous but sometimes have to rip off my seatbelt when driving...Also have taken to only wearing a sports bra which limits what clothing I can wear. If I know I'll be home for a while, I will use Ben Gay or aspercreme and that lends a little more relief. Just know you are not alone!



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