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chest tightness
5 Replies
iorabuena - May 26

does any one feel like thier breast bone and middle of chest ache? I usualy have shoulder blade discomfort that wraps around my ribs, but lately when I sleep I feel as if i'm tightning up my upper front body. I wake up and feel so achey around my breast bone and chest. I went to my reumotologist last week and mentioned it to him, he said that it was from my line of work sitting at a computer all day and hunchin over. He said it's from the fibromyalgia and wants me to do some stretches he showed me to do. He diagnosed me with FM 6 months ago and has me on anti-depressants they do help me sleep but I still feel the acheness at night. I'm always second guessing my symptoms even though my doctor assures me it's from the fibromyalgia. I'm going through a tremendous amount of stress right now so I don't know if this has anything to do with the tension in my chest. I would like to hear from other FMS sufferes....when I do it always makes me better to know that I'm not the only one going throug this.....


Fantod - May 27

You are probably experiencing costochondritis (google it) which is common in people with fibromyalgia (FMS). Essentially it is an inflammation of the rib cartilage and can be quite painful. It is also persistent. I have regular bouts with it. You might ask your doctor for Neurontin to take at night to ease the symptoms a bit. You could also try an over the counter rub for arthitis but usually something stronger is needed. The stretching exercises might help. If all else fails, I would go to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and ask them for a referral to a fibro-friendly rheumy in your area. Good luck and let us know how you are doing.


saundra - May 27

Hi, I suffer from a lot of chest pain. I live in Maine and it was really bad for the entire winter and into the spring. Scared me really badly, I thought I was having a heart attack. My drs keep insisting it is the fibro. I found an article about the chest pain associated with fibro. There is a name for it-- "costochondritis" I am taking this to my dr to see if she knows about it. I often use a heating pad with my chest pain. It does help some.


gucci - May 27

hi iorabuena, yes i have the symptoms you described and they are very scary, mine flare up more when im stressed but its always there in my chest area and shoulders.i went to the drs this morning again and he said its part of the fibromyalgia symptom he named it costochondritis and because i cant take anti-inflamitries due to ulcers i can only take cocodamol and as i was leaveing he said i could be like this for 4-6 weeks(not what i wanted to hear)
hope you feel better soon take care.....


DoxieLOVA - May 28

YES! This is me too! I am so glad someone posted about this because I have been questioning my chest pain as well. My sternum "cracks", does anyone else's do this?


arobin - August 1

I often get the feeling I am getting bronchitis and can't get a deep breath. I would get it checked just to be safe. Not to worry you, but my brother-in-law recently thought he had pneumonia. We had all had a bad cold and he thought it went to his chest. He went to the ER because of the pain and he had fluid around his heart. He is much better now, but come to find out it happens a lot and people assume it is something else and don't get in soon enough. I hope I don't scare you, but felt like I had to say something.



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