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chest painn
11 Replies
alicez - July 13

Has anyone experienced much chest pain? Can you describe your pain and how you are sure it is fybro related and not cardiac?


lillie - February 25

yes i have chest pain doctors done ecg
everything fine,the pain is sometimes sharp
other times it ache's.hope this help's
best wishes lillie.


moi to alisec - March 5

I also have chest pain. Once after havinh accupuncture in my back (about 2-3 hours later) I had such chest pain (muscle spasm) I passed out at the restuarant.
I have since learnt that if you feel it coming on (right at the first sign), take a deep breath and hold it, and do this over a few times. It works sometimes, if you catch it soon enough.
All the best.


[email protected] - April 3

I as well have had chest pain, then I get anxiety after that and sometimes sharp as well, or aches. seems to come on more when tired?


Jan - April 18

I have had cheat paid. I have never felt anything like it before, and it scared the hell outta me. The pain was so bad I ended up collapsing on the fall.


HealedLady - April 21

I have had severe chest pain, so much so my son called an ambulance because I have collapsed twice at home. Talk about fun. NOT! Anyway, they admitted me and told me my heart was fine. I later found out that I had fibromyalgia and did some research on my own and discovered that the chest pain (pain that feels like elephants are sitting on your chest and won't move) is from fibromyalgia, but you might want to get checked out periodically to make sure your heart is ok. I have too because I get bad palpitations and my heart feels like it moved into my head sometimes, but my heart is ok so far, thank You, God!


rashid - May 24

i want to dovelop my questionair speciely figure a main with chist pain


rashid - May 24

surching a figure about chest pain


Laurie - May 30

I have just recently had chest pain. Last week it was on my right side, just below my breast and just yesterday it was on the left side and felt like it was my heart. Scary because I couldn't move without a stabbing pain. All my reading points me to another "lovely" fibro symptom. I was diagnosed 15 years ago and it just keeps getting worse.


SHEILA - July 4

oh my its so good to hear what you guys are saying(not that i wish this thing on anyone mind) just i have been having the same thing but its only on my left hand side this is what is freaking me out and breathing problems along with it.....all my symptoms are left sided is anyone else having the same??????


debs - July 4

hi there all ive had pain im my left side of my chest for sometime i had the ECG thing and test all came back clear i find that when its bad that if i take a deep breath its worse. its ubove the heart but it did frighten me at first but now ive learned that its just another symptom.


Lisa - July 13

Yes I have been checked in the past also for heart, which was ok. My pain is always on the left side, chest, rib, shortness of breath, shoulder pain and jaw pain. Scary since these are symptoms of a possible heart attack. Get it checked if you havent already. If so, try to relax and not panic.??



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