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chest pain, back bain and jaw pain
11 Replies
jrzgirl1 - May 14

could this be condritus, hurts when I touch my ribs and my back, thiis happened last night, I had this before but it just hit me fast. I have been on the computer alot and leaning into the screen. I went to the Dr's on Friday to ask her what can I do next for the balance and all over pain........the cause is major stress, she said I need to find something I like to do for myself. My heart and lungs also BP are normal, anxiety and stress is the major problem so I cancelled my app't with the rheumptologist, she can't do anything more since I cannot take any of the meds, I can only take tylenol, has any one ever felt like this.


January - May 15

Don't take too much Tylenol. Even in small amounts Tylenol is bad for your liver.


kvc33 - May 15

You have blamed your health problems on stress (your husband) over and over again. I have four OPTIONS for you. 1. Get the stress (your husband) out of your life. 2. Accept him and your life for what it is and learn to love it by focusing on and praising all the good things about him and your life all day long. 3. Stop blaming your health problems on stress and realize that a lot of us are very ill yet do not have a particularly stressful life (I have an awesome partner). 4. Stop going to doctors and take charge of your own health, utilize all of the suggestions that others have given you for years. I don't know what the cause of your balance problem is but seniors naturally lose their sense of balance as the years go by. You will find exercises on the internet that you can do to help restore it.


jrzgirl1 - May 15

Thank you for your Honest opinions but I will not bother any of you again. I wish all of you long pain free lives. God's blessings to all
each one of us deals with many problems but until we have walked in each others shoes, we cannot judge Good - bye


Jocelyn - May 15

Everyone has to make choices in life in order to help themselves. All of us on this website are trying to better ourselves and our illness. It seems you took offense to some of the suggestions above, however, you really need to look at some of these answers in a positive not a negative way. I had a stressfull job, it was making me so ill it was unbelievable. I had to give up that job and search for something new. That in itself was very stressful. Starting all over, it is scary, as well. However, in the long run, the change worked out to my advantage. Although, I have to work a full time job and my health would be better if I didn't have to, I still work on getting myself better all the time. You can't depend on the doctors to do it for you, even the drugs can only do so much. It has to come from deep within. You are the only preson that can relieve your stress. There are stress clinics to help teach you how to deal with stress and how to relieve it. Perhaps, that is the best place for you to go at this time. If you are not able to follow their suggetions, then it is not worth it for you to go.

Good Luck


Jocelyn - May 15

Oh one more thing. The chest pains. Yes, I suffered terrible chest pains. I've been checked out for everything and everything is fine. The pain is caused from the Fibr and it causes costochondritis (spelling). And it really hurts. Mine comes and goes.


kvc33 - May 16

jrzgirl1, I figured that you would run away once push came to shove. That's fine. In the past others tried to help you until they got so frustrated with you that they were blunt like I was and you said 'goodbye', yet you came back. For those of you who aren't familiar with this lady, she has been on here before telling tales of an abusive husband. People were so concerned that they did everything they could to help her, even finding places for her to go and offering their home telephone number. She never took any action and never responded to questions, she just kept telling tales. Regardless of what a person has been through in their life, they have choices to make and playing the victim never works. It is a cop-out to suggest that I or anyone else is judging you and that that is a valid reason to scurry away. I stand by what I said, I gave you real positive options which INCLUDED staying with your abusive husband. What more could you possibly ask for? I am not hurt or angry by your leaving. I thought I would give it one more shot to try to get you to help yourself. If you choose not to help yourself it is your loss and your loss alone. Like Dr. Phil says, "you can't fix what you won't acknowledge."


Jocelyn - May 16


I totally agree with you. I was just saying it in a different way. Since I am new to this forum, I understand your bluntness in this situation, since you have been on of those people trying to help her out and knowing her stories. You have been a great help to her, unfortunately, she doesn't want to help herself. In that case, there is nothing anyone can do, she has been reached out to.

Thank you for the explanation, I figured it was something like that :)

Have a great day!


kvc33 - May 18

I'm glad you understand it Jocelyn. I can tell you why this lady doesn't want help. Some people can only feel cared about if they play the helpless victim and elicit a 'rescue' response from others. Of course when help is offered they must turn it down in order to keep the game going. At some point the rescuers realize that they are being played and give up, perhaps becoming angry and frustrated. At that point the 'victim' accuses the rescuers of being uncaring and judgmental, further entrenching their belief in their victimhood. They act as if the have been so terribly wounded that they must run away. In a short time they start looking for new people to play the game with and on and on it goes. This lady has said that her family is uncaring and abusive which is probably not true. No doubt they just refused to keep playing the game a long time ago. The sad thing is that this lady will never change. She'll go to her grave saying how unfairly life treated her. There are people who have been prisoners of war for years who maintained their faith, their strength and their determination to make it out alive despite starvation, isolation and regular beatings. I very much doubt that she has ever endured something like that.


Jocelyn - May 18

You are correct in your entire assesment of this situation with jrzgirl1. People do get tired of hearing the victim story. I knew a person like that and I got tired and didn't bother with them anymore. It wears you down after a while and one thing none of us on this site needs, is more stress or unwarrented concern for someone who is their own worst enemy.

This forum is for trying to give people support who are trying to help themselves. I am so grateful for this site becaue of all the advice, ideas, and just support towards what I was working and going through was essential in getting me on the road to recovery.

I have taken a lot of the advice offered on this site. I have learned new things about drugs and started researching until my eyes were blurry (they are blurry most of the time, hahahahahaha). To be honest, I am doing 80% better than I was before I came onto this forum. So, it goes to show you, if you want to get better, you have to do something about it. I'm not juding people who are trying everything and are still unwell. For some reason, they are just not responding to anything and that is so tough and unfortunate. I wish them the best. And thanks to all of you who are still on this forum to talk to us, you have all been a great help!


January - May 22

kvc and Jocelyn, I don't know jrzgirl or what she's suffering with, so I won't judge her. I just want to say, kvc, I thought your four option were VERY well put and non-offensive, and I was surprised at her reaction. Now I think she wasn't really reacting to you, but to others who have snapped at her before. I do remember someone else getting very angry at this same person quite some time ago -- at the time, I did not know her history of posting and I was amazed at the angry post.

I don't know jrzgirl, or her situations, so I'm not putting a label on her. I hope she gets some help, and sometimes the best help involves confronting you about your own bad behavior.

On a whole different tangent, both of you had very insightful remarks about "professional victims." AMEN!! There are certain people in this world who will suck you dry and then get mad when you run dry! Nice people are often taken in. It's a shame because the world is cold enough. It's a bright spot when someone takes the time to help out another person. It always makes me sad and angry when kindness is abused by people who have a psychological problem they should be addressing in therapy - some of them want to be cared for like babies. They don't want to grow up, they think their lives should be perfect and glorious and have no pain - and that's the real issue.

I've been victimized for being "too nice" in the past, going way too far out of my way to help. When I got sick and needed help, the victims were "too busy" to offer one tiny bit of help to me. Because it was ALL about THEM! I learned a lesson - pay attention to what the other person does to help themselves (and others too!) before investing more of ourselves than we can stand to lose.


Jocelyn - May 22

Well said, January! Well said!



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