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Chest pain and short of breath
4 Replies
hellou - October 29

Hi can anyone help me with this one. Sometimes when I go shopping or have to walk anywhere outside of the home I get short of breath, weird sensation from my stomach up to my chin, clammy sweats and have the urge to cough (without feeling a tickle first) . I have to sit and rest and then get myself home asap. it doesn't happen when i am pottering around the house.It could be the fibro but I am worrying that I have heart problems now! Am seeing my doc tomorrow but just thought I would see if anyone else suffers from this? thanks for listening


Fantod - October 30

I would hazard to guess that you may have an underlying cardiac problem. Do not miss your scheduled doctor's appointment. Take care.


Gabbie - October 30

hellou, There is a condition associated with fibro called costochondritis that has the symptoms that you have described. If you look under the "fibromyalgia symptoms" here (upper left side of the page) you will find more information about the condition. However, because the symptoms can also possibly be associated with a cardiac problem, I encourage you to see your doctor about what you are experiencing.There are many symptoms that we have compared "notes" about on this forum but for what you are feeling, I think it is important you talk to you doctor to rule out any other problem. I wish you well.


jacobea - October 31

I get this a lot, especially when walking up stairs or slopes. Some days it's worse than others and comes with dizziness a lot for me. To combat it, i usually rest as soon as i get to the top of a staircase, or sit on a bench for five minutes when i'm out in town. Take care.


hellou - October 31

Thanks all 3 of you for your responses. Have seen doc and he is sure it is nothing serous. He thinks it is likely that it is due to me being rather unfit as a result of the fibro. But he has arranged an ECG for me just to be sure.



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