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Chest Pain and how do you know??
2 Replies
mustangsh - October 16

I know that arm,face and chest pain can be part of the FMS symptoms but sometimes I second guess
this and worry that what if it is heart related.I have had several docters of course listen to my heart when going to docters appointments and they
have not mention anything concerning my heart and
also my cholestrol is good and also blood pressure. Also just went to gastro and had a procedure done and of course they monitored my heart during this and every thing went ok.Surely something would have been noticed if this was my heart.Just wanted to know what the group thought?


brooksidefarm - October 16

I get sharp chest pains from time to time that worry me, and too have been checked from top to bottom, do not smoke, drink only a little wine, etc. I think it must come with the territory, but stay on top of it.


K2009 - October 17

I absolutely get this too. It seems to come in stages. First my arm, then my chest, and then of course the face. My ears and neck really can get cranky. I can really get sensitive in my breast bone and the area right under my neck to my breasts. I have seen a heart specialist this year because my doctor thought he heard a heart murmur. Of course when I went through all of the test with the cardiologist everything came back normal. I recently went to a local Radiology center and had a Calcium test done on my heart. When they do this, they are looking to see if any calcium build-up is in your valves and arteries around the heart. The scale is 0 + (you want a zero. Mine came back at zero. This is a great test to have to reassure yourself that you are okay and to set a benchmark for the future. Insurance does not cover it, but the center in AZ charges a flat $99. A cheap price to pay for piece of mind. If you have low cholesterol and good blood pressure, then perhaps just go one step further and have a heart ultrasound done or the calcium test that I mentioned. Doesn't it stink that we get all of these new symptoms, and we have no idea if it is part of Fibro or something to really worry about. Hope everything goes great for you! Take Care and smile - I have found that trying to be very positive can make my mind forget about some of the pain. :)



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