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Chest pain and breathing.
9 Replies
Asil - April 9

I constantly have chest and rib pain. I feel like I can't breath or have to coush. I'm afraid there is something else wrong besides the fibro. Is there anyone with the same symptons. I've told my doctor and he just disregards it.


wendy - March 20

so do you have FM. I have left sided chest pain and shortness of breath and don't know weather I have FM or not. I'm having a hard time finding someone to help me.


Asil - March 21

Yes I do have FMS. It two years to get diagnosed. My PC kept telling me and husband that I was depressed and that was why I could not get out bed and my body hurt so much. It was a very difficult time. I am taking wellbutrin at 400mg a day now and it does reduce the muscle pain, it still there just not as bad. I can still function and go to work.


JC - March 28

I have been to the emergency room twice for chest pain. i then undergo all the testing and find that everything is just fine. So my conclusion is that it is all part of the FM. But it is a good thing to check and make sure there truly isn't anything wrong.


Kim - March 28

I too have chest pain but not all the time, mostly with bad flare-ups. My doctor did an EKG and blood work and all came back normal so he told me it was just part of my FMS.


Joyce - March 28

Yes, I have the same symptoms as you. Can only take short breaths, no deep breaths, if I cough the pain rips through me. Can't bear anthing tight around my chest. Only just been diagnosed with Muscular Rheumatism, which I found out on the web is a form of FM


Jean - April 1

Your chest muscles are tight and you need to stretch them out. Deep breathing exercises. Or it could also be coschondrite (SP) which can last a few months but will get better.


Jean - April 7

Have you seen the commercial, "How Depression Hurts"? This tells me that FM causes the depression we get and why we hurt. Anyone believe that, I don't.


cheryl1054 - April 9

Hi I have that chest pain breathing thing going on right now--I just about went to the ER but figured it was the FM--I had a lesser form of it a few years back and the Dr. called it "costo-condroitis"...whatever it is ITS PAINFUL feels like someone rammed into me, like in a football tackle!!


Andi - April 9

anyone one with chest pain should go to the ER no matter what you have been diagnosed with. But to answer your question yes non cardiac related chest pain is a listed symptom involving FMS patients, it sounds like you might want to find a new doctor he doesn't sound to nice...just a thought...might want to try a rheumatologist who specializes in Lupus they are the best ones to look for.



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