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Chest pain again
5 Replies
lisa1 - November 15

I have been reading alot about chest pain and fibro. Even though I have had my heart checked I still can't help but feel something is not right. If anyone is having continued chest pain (lower near ribs) and upper back pain please let me know. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts as always. Thanks


Gabbie - November 16

Hi Lisa1. The weather here is getting cold and we've had some damp/rainly days in the last few weeks. During this time, I've had such pain in my upper back running across to under my arms. The pain that's hitting me in the center of my back at this moment is really bad. I was also diagnosed several years ago with acid reflux (although I wonder if it was from fibro all along) and it let up for awhile, but now that's flared up. It almost feels as though the pain in my back is radiating right through to my chest. Did you ask you doctor if what you are feeling could be from the fibro?


lisa1 - November 16

Hi Gabbie, my primary care says it is just that. I usually have some discomfort, but this pain was really bad. Feels a little better today. Under arms hurt too. Spent the day and night on the heating pad and that helps. I just get scared when pain in the chest area is that bad. The weather is cold here as well. Thanks Gabbie.


Fantod - November 21

The proper name for this problem is Chondritis. Some days I'd rather revert to my hippie days and forget about wearing a bra. It can be extremely painful and scary all at the same time.


hammalc - November 21

Hi Lisa,

This condition is indeed called Costochondritis and it's associated with FMS. I have it too in its worst. The pain feels like ur having a heart attack but indeed nothing's wrong with your heart. I did all the checks and my heart is fine. This is a condition where several of your rib joints (can start from upper shoulder and down till your breast bone) are inflammed so they press on your lungs and and they cause severe pain. Can be under your breast, in the middle of your chest, in your left shoulder or any side for that matter, but mainly left, and the pain can radiate to your back and jaw and neck and you can't breathe or move otherwise it makes the pain worse. It usually happens at night and during sleep. I hope this info helps. I know its pain feels terrible and for me, it always comes during sleep so it can wake me up several nights.
My rheumatologist prescribed me Lidocaine patches to help during the attacks or icy hot patches sometimes if they're not too severe. Good luck


gimmeemo - November 28

OMG!!! There is so much useful info here! I was diagnosed just a few months ago when my hips finally "gave out". The fibro pain has been creeping up my body and I thought for sure I was having a heart attack, but as with you, my heart was fine. They didn't mention the chondritis...and I'm eager to find out more about that as my ribs, under my breasts, sternum under arms are flaring up and all I can do is just writhe in agony and hang on for dear life till it's over, then I get the muscle spasms all over and then I'm so exhausted I can barely keep my eyes open. It's moved into my upper arms, elbows, writs and thumbs and I can barely lift them. My upper back hurts so bad I can barely turn my head and I feel like I have been in an Iron Man competition! Also, I found a couple of tender spots on my neck and I haven't been able to talk for over 2 weeks, and have had a sore throat for over a month...Has any one else ever lost their voice from fibro?



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