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Chest pain
6 Replies
Bogdan Vulcan - February 7

Hi. I have chest pain for 3 months now, with short episodes of shortness of breath. Been to many doctors, checked my heart, lungs, had echo (heart, abdomen), blood test. All is ok except for a mild anemia. The pain is usually in the left area of my chest and in the right hand, and my ribs hurt a bit when touched. Sometimes the pain moves in the center. Mostly I feel pain when pressing with my fingers. Can this be fibromyalgia?Thank you.


tonyab1838 - December 16

Well this could be FMS or a for of Tendonitis. The reason that I say that is because of the pressing of the fingers causing pain. I just found out that on top of FMS I also have Bi-Lateral Epicondylitis. I have pain that shoots up my arm and into my shoulder and neck. Do you get swelling in your hands or arm? There is a way of dealing with that. Take care and God bless.


Jean - December 16

Check with a Rheumatologist because it sounds like it could be Myofascial Pain Syndrome but there is another condition out there called chondrititis which involves the ribs and cartilage, ask your doctors.


ouch60 - January 20

I have had chest pain too. Doctors thought it was my heart but then decided it was the FMS. Also get terrible stabbing pain in the soles of my feet.


Rebecca - January 20

I have had a terrible pain on my left side, could not take a deep breath at all. It had come on rather quickly.But two I can remember simular episods, just not a bad. My ribs hurt to the touch. The doc. called it Costochrondritis.An inflamation under my rib cage, the muscle or joint that connects to the breast bone was inflammed. It was very painfull. The weird thing about fibromyalgia is that there's not always one problem, I heard it say that its kinda of a catch all.Take care!


Jean - January 22

Yes, I think it is part of the Fibromyalgia, I have had the same thing, it comes and goes. It has never been real bad, nothing I can't handle but some people have a real problem with this and it could also be that chondrtitis(SP) which is inflammation of the cartilage of the ribs. Best to ask your doctor about this though.:)


Bogdan Vulcan - February 7

Tx for all of your replies. Glad to know I am not alone! Bogdan



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