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chest pain
4 Replies
Angela - October 20

For the last few nights, I have been having chest pain that keeps me from sleeping. It feels like a dull pain then goes to a pinching, squeezing pain on my left side right around my heart. Ive thought it was heartburn or indigestion. I get up and drink milk or take antacids. Which dont really seem to help. It lasts for a long time. It hurts mostly at night. I smoke but do not have pain when I breath deaply. And have no caughing. My mother has heart problems and has had one heart attack. My father had high blood pressure. I am on inderal at night which effects the heart rate and blood pressure. Im hoping it is a digestive problem only. Thankyou. Angela


tonyab1838 - October 18

The first thing that I would do is go to your Dr.. That is something you definitley need to be seen for. It may be Costochondritis but I wouldn't take any chances. Let us know how you are doing. Take care and God bless!


Beverly - October 18

I can't count the times I have had the same pain. Around the heart area and sometimes down my left arm. I was rushed to emergency and even stayed in the hospital for numersous tests, all negative. When I was finally diagnoised with fibro I found out there is a muscle that goes to the heart called the pictoral (sp) muscle. When you have a fibro attack it sometimes settles in that muscle. I actually has nothing to do with your heart. However, when this happen's you get very anxious and that makes it even worse. You have to try to get as calm as you can, maybe take something for anxiety. This sure is a yucky way to have to live but sooooooooo much better when a doctor finally tell's you actually have a chronic condition and it's not all in your head. As tonyab answer's you should check with your doctor, hopefully you have one that has a good knowledge of fibro.

I feel so blessed that I found this internet website. God Bless


Jean - October 18

I wouldn't guess the diagnosis about heart problems. Women especially do not show all the major signs and it is truley an invisable disease that strikes quickly. If you are having these types of symptoms go get it checked out and especially if it is in your family. At least if it wasn't a heart matter then the doctors can rule out other possible causes.


Allen - October 20

Yes, I'm a man and suffer from fibromyalgia. I have chest pain constantly. This has been going on for sometime now about 12-18 months. I have been checked for for MS and heart attacks/stroke and all with negative results. I have researched and found that fibromyalgia will cause numbness/tingling in the arms/legs and even in the face and chest pain. My doctor gave me flexeril and it seems to help some. My left arm also gets a dull heavy ache that last a few minutes to all day long. I have found that stress and anxiety can trigger this off.



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