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Checking symptoms
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bizzymom - November 17

Hello all - I'm new to the post. I haven't been diagnosed, but am experiencing symptoms that I haven't experienced before and am trying to decide if I need to see my doc for a possible diagnosis. Symptoms are serious "morning stiffness", particularly neck/shoulders and low back. The low back pain is intense at night, when I try to change sleep positions - I can barely move, it's a very sharp stabbing mixed with burning pain. Also, when the shoulder/neck stiffness hits, my arms from the shoulders down are weak and trembly, my hands feel stiff and swollen, but there's no visible swelling, and hands are weak/trembly with sharp muscle pain at the base of my thumbs. This is coupled with overall muscle soreness in my torso and arms. So far my legs don't hurt, but I am also having more and more incidents of restless legs - don't know if this associated or not. I'm trying to exercise more, thinking maybe this is all just regular arthritis related - but exercise seems to exacerbate the problems - I feel better when I don't exercise, but obviously, that's not a healty choice. I've also gained 10 pounds in a year - which for me is major, because I'm a petite person and have maintained a steady weight all my life, until this last year. Same diet and same exercise routine, but unexplained weight gain. Can you sufferers help me out and let me know if these symptoms are FM related, or if I need to be looking for a different source. Thanks so much for "listening".


Fantod - November 17

Based on your description, it sounds like you may have fibromyalgia. But, there are a lot of other things like thyroid that can cause similar symptoms. You need to see a rheumotologist to be diagnosed with FMS. You can call your local hospital physcian referral service or go to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and ask for a fibro-friendly doctor. Restless legs are just one of the many associated conditions. Take some time to read through all of the information on the lefthand side of this page. Weight gain with FMS is usually directly tied to FMS medication. Lyrica is probably the worst offender when it comes to weight gain in most FMS people. You should also see your regular doctor, tell them what is going on and have a complete physical. There are a lot of other possibilities which need to be ruled out. Take care.



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