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Central Spine Pain
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muzi.relief - December 7

For past one year or more i was suffering from severe pain in the vertical center of my spine, this happens only at the time i wake up in the morning and extends up to 30 to 45 mins to get normalize. After getting normalize also, i can able to feel the pain slightly if i press that particular bones area. Once i have consulted a doctor (general physician M.D) but no use even after taking medicines too.
Please guide me thru this, so that i can get relieved.


islandguy - December 7

This sounds like you have a pinpoint area on your body that is giving you some definite problems. Fibromyalgia affects all four corners of your body with various tender spots. The middle of the spine normally would not be one of them. ..... Unfortunately the central nervous system is a complicated thing. All the nerves that affect all the parts of your body come from your spine. Nerves are very sensitive things and if something is touching it ( in the slightest) you will have uncomfortable pain. It sounds to me that you are a very sound sleeper and do not move much at night when you are at rest. Normally in the daytime when people are having chronic back pain ... they have the ability to move around and readjust the nerves and the spinal column. When at rest everything settles into place and can be uncomfortable when you wake up. In saying all of that maybe you have a bit of arthritis that is flaring up in that area. If there are no lumps or bumps in the sore area I would not panic. I realize that the pain is uncomfortable and you are at a forum that knows about pain and the problems with it. If the doctor can not find anything obvious than it may be that you simply must deal with the pain with medication and or exercise. If cat scans or mri's are available to you ... you may want to consider that avenue. For whatever my opinion is worth... there be it. Take care....



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