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Censorship---Carrie Lee has decided who has a right to speak
3 Replies
barbar - December 13

'Bumping' up old questions so they can be addressed is one thing, but 'bumping' up old questions for the sole purpose of burying someone postings is tantamount to censorship. Carrie Lee, you have no right to interfere with free speech. You may wallow in your self-inflicted 'oh-woe-is-me, everybody-hates-me' martyrdom but the BOTTOM LINE is that you did a bad thing. NOT so much for the actual act but because of the intentions. People can post as much as they want here, a hundred times a day if they want. All you have to do is ignore it. You can also 'bump' people up because you feel they aren't being heard. But you have no right to censor. That is, indeed, a VERY bad thing. If people like you or dislike you because of it, that's their business. We all take our shots when we're out here. But censoring, no CarrieLee, that's crossing the line.


Jeri - December 14

barbar, you were doing the bumping too remember! no one has erased anyhting (that is censorship) its all still here so please stop fighting u guys! its crazy. i dont think i can stand coming here if this keeps up. what stress!


barbar - December 14

I was 'bumping' up folks by either responding to their question or asking them to check in. I did not simply go 'bump.' Also, I looked only for folks who either had not had responses or there had been a long time since responses. Most important was my intent: I was moving folks up in order that they remain in our attention. I was not bumping folks up with the sole purpose of burying anybody else. this tampers with the natural flow of the forum. Leave the posting alone and let the natural selection process take care of it. People will at least know it's there and have a chance to respond and if they don't the posting naturally falls further and further out of our attention span. I think Carrie Lee had an excellent point, that we should not be inadvertantly silencing the newbies by focussing on the wrong issues (the fights for example). Excellent point. I simply disagreed with her solution to the problem, which I did take personally because it was directed at me, but also because---as I've said---it interrups the natural processes of the forum. I have every right to feel personnally wounded that still does not mean I cannot also observe that we need to take better care of ourselves and do a better job of building our community.


teresat - December 14

Jeri if you would like to stop the fighting, I would suggest you not bump Kathy/ Helen/Larrys' OLD POSTS!!That is where this whole thing started! There is nothing wrong Barbar with answering old posts that got lost or unanswered in this whole NASTY mess!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!



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