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Causes of FM......?
2 Replies
goldilox - August 10

I was told by my doctor when he first diagnosed Fibromyalgia (which I'd never heard of before), that the cause is unknown.

Having then lived with the symptoms and read up on it a little (I'm no expert but read a bit on it), and analysed my own life before and after the symptoms started.... I'm sure I can pinpoint several possibilities... I'd be interested in hearing from anyone else if this makes sense, or if it's just me lol.
* Stress! I went through a prolonged period (a couple of years) of Extreem stress before developing the FM symtoms. Others I've read about seem to also have experienced extreem stress before being diagnosed. When you think about the harmful chemicals released during stress ...well, it seems like a "no-brainer" unless I'm missing something. Problem is, when the stress is over, the symptoms remain - which I believe is because of the following causes....
* Sleep. Before the FM symptoms, I used to sleep really really well - deeply, and comfortably. Over the time before the FM started, I'm sure I remember interrupted sleep and not sleeping deeply very often. Definitely with the symptoms, I didn't sleep for more than an hour at a time - and then very light. Considering what happens in our bodies during deep sleep (healing; growth hormone release and absorbtion; melatonin being released; proper deep cleaning of organs; decreased levels of cortisol (a biggie! - which I seem to remember is linked to depression as well); repairing of muscle tissue ....... and I'm sure there's a lot more that is linked to this that I dont know or can't remember) So, a viscious circle: pain and other symptoms cause interrupted sleep and lack of deep sleep.... which aggravate the symptoms... which aggravate sleep etc.
* Breathing! Now, I could be wrong on this - I haven't read much about it, so I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has this as well. I read somewhere that people with FM tend to have very shallow breathing. I know I breath very shallow except when I remind myself to breath deeply - I even catch myself not breathing at all sometimes!! So, if this is the case, could that also contribute to muscle pain? If muscles aren't getting enough oxygen, I'm sure it must have an effect on them.

I'd love to hear other's views on this. I'm completely confused as to why doctors still don't know what causes FM - it seems so obvious to me, unless I'm missing something (in which case I'm going to feel really silly lol ;)



Fantod - August 10

I read your post and I agree with some of your assesments. In my own case, I was the perfect storm scenario. I have had TMD for years, an advanced case of osteoarthitis and then a disc failed in my lower back. I have also been under a lot of stress in the past few years. Tah-dah - I have FMS. Sleep issues and shallow breathing are all part of FMS. Muscle pain is associated with the inability to get restorative sleep. With FMS muscles are always twitching or moving to some degree even when you are not because FMS affects the central nervous system. The combination of lack of sleep and constant muscle activity causes pain. Shallow breathing contributes to the anxiety and the fibro-fog many of us experience. Lack of oxygen causes the body to go on red alert creating anxiety and an oxygen starved brain does not function well. The holistic circle feels that FMS actually originates in the gut which harbors 80% of the immune system. No one knows what actually triggers this problem but there is a pretty clear idea of factors that contribute to it. Basically the pain receptors get stuck in the "on" position. Until someone figures out how to reprogram them there is nothing definitive that can be done. To cut down on muscle pain you could try malic acid which stops the incessant twitching and spasms. Calcium with magnesium and boron is also good to settle them down. I've used both and found that to be very helpful. I use a mix of conventional and holistic medicine which I have found to be the most effective in managing my symptoms. I hope this information is helpful to you. Take care.


ibritz - August 11

I was diagnosed with FMS about 3 years ago, but believe I have suffered from it for years. It has been almost unbearable the past year. I had kidney stones, then my father passed, I had surgery to repair achilles tendon problem, had to be sedentary for 2 months. Then the pain started so bad. I ended up being off work 2 weeks past FMLA time of 12 weeks, so I lost my job. On and on. But anyway, I think the problem with a definitive cause, is the fact that they have to PROVE what they believe is the cause. There are so many people, with so many different stories,
that in my opinion, will take many years to get the handle on proving anything. Worst thing is - that means no cure!



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