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Career as Pro Athlete
5 Replies
NeNe - November 11

I'm a 21 year old female from Cincinnati that has relocated to San Diego. I had a very promising professional career in Mixed Martial Arts fighting, until recently.
I have always been plagued by odd-ball problems. When I was about 15 a doctor suggested I had Reynauds because I had poor circulation in my extremities. I've always been a "sleeper" and a doctor suggested I was depressed and put me on Zoloft. It helped immensely, I woke up "bright eyed and bushy tailed" in the morning. I also have always had strange joint and back pain that have no explaination, and IBS. My mom switched me to a hollistic doctor, who took me off the Zoloft and treated me like I was making all these things up.
The issues sort of resolved themselves for the most part and I continued with my training, until last summer when I was stricken with bad sciatica. I kept training and fighting until May of this year, when I had my last fight and soon afterwards was rendered unable to train by the pain in my back and extreme fatigue.
Since then, my symptoms have more than tripled. The pain in my back is constant, my knees hurt, my right foot hurts. Now my back is tight and painful between my shoulders, and sometimes my elbows and hands hurt for no reason. I attributed this to boxing.
Then came the headaches. I wake up with it, I go to bed with it. It is not terrible, but irritating and feels like a mix between a tension/sinus headache. When I stand up, I get dizzy. My sides hurt around my kidneys and my lower abdomen often hurts, I thought I had a bladder infection. Then came the nausia, mostly in the morning.
So, I thought I was pregnant. Turns out I am most certainly not. I visited an orthopaedic surgeon who has exhausted his arsenal of diagnostic techniques and found no reason for my pain. After asking me about several seemingly unrelated topics he suggested I should see a Neurologist because he believes I may be suffering from fibromyalgia, and also suggested I begin to exercise again.
This is sucking the life out of me like a cancer. I have a wonderful fiance who supports me no matter what and needs my help at the gym. Here is a man who wants to marry me and all I can deliver is depression, complaints, and a decreased libido (it hurts to have sex a lot of the time), and I sleep sometimes 15 or more hours at a time on the weekends. I have been reprimanded by my supervisor for being late to work because I can barely drag myself out of bed in the morning. Once I get going I do well until about 1:30 or 2:00 in the afternoon when I become very sleepy.

Is this textbook? From what I've read so far I believe it is. If so, is a Neurologist the right doctor to see regarding this problem, and does anyone know of a Fibromyalgia specialist in San Diego?
Please offer any help and thanks so much for reading this LENGTHY post!


JW - November 11


Sorry to hear about all your problems. There does seem to be some similarities between your symptoms and fibromyalgia. Usually the best doctor to see is a rheumatologist. They don't seem to know alot about fibro but more than other docs. However, I would definitely still go see a neuro doc to rule out other stuff like MS. I am sorry that you are going through this. Keep in touch and let us know what's going on.


Virg - November 11

NeNe, I would say that it is Fibromyalgia. All the symptoms you've got have been the same for myself and it began to really flare up after surgery l3 years ago. Your doctor seems to be right on as is good to refer you to a neorlogist. Like JW says a rheumatologist who deals with fibro patients would be good to get. It's wonderful that your fiance is supportive. I met my guy during the early stages and he has hung with me. So have fun while you take your time getting the wedding together. Learn all your own coping skills. Sense of humour and faith help tons. LOL


barbar - November 13

NeNe, Just reading about your symptoms is making mine hurt! It's good that you're an athlete. It's important that you move your muscles as much as possible, even if it hurts. It's also important to keep your body in good condition because as you get older you get other aches and pains (like arthritis) and FMS makes evry pain you have worse. They don't really know much about fibromyalgia, whether it is an immuno disorder (i.e., our body is attacking itself) , whether the sheathes over the muscles bunch and bind (i.e., the myofascio component), whether it's a neurological disorder (i.e., the brain is getting overloaded with pain signals); whether the serotonin levels and the levels of our bodies' natural pain killer (can't think of the name) are suppressed. They do know that a lot of personality disorders, like mood swings and depression, are linked with FMS because all of these functions are centered in the same part of the brain, which I think is interesting. Get a good FMS specialist. Mine is excellent. He also has his patients see a pyschologist who also specializes in chronic pain sufferers. She has been of incredible help. Also, make sure you get tested for Lyme disease by an expert in Lyme disease. Many of the Lyme disease tests give false negatives. I'm driving 4 hours round trip to see a Lyme disease specialist next week. (Will let you all know the results.) It's nice you have a devoted fiance for support. Poor little me, I am all alone (boo hoo). Should we start a match club for FMS sufferers?


NeNe - November 15

Thanks everyone for your replies. I have been teaching class and getting some exercise that way, so maybe after a while it will pay off. Sunday I started having tremor and now it's getting worse. My hands shake like my Grandma's! Is that normal?


barbar - November 16

Yes, I think the hand shaking is normal.



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