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Car Accident and Fibromyalgia?
7 Replies
bmcgovern - July 4

I was in a car accident a little over a year ago and am still hurting from it. I have been going to a chiropractor and massage therapist. I have had a X-ray of my neck and the bones are fine so it's the muscles. I was wondering if anyone has had a car accident and is also still hurting from it? I did get whip lash from mine. My neck, back and shoulders hurt every single day and i get massages done once a week. I just don't know what to do to keep it loose. My chiropractor always tells me i need to relax and i just don't really know how. I am always tense.


dustykid - July 4

You could very well have fibromyalgia, I have been in alot of accidents ad after the 4th one I too had a whip lash and it was then they finally diagnosed me, that was over 15yrs ago, I have my ups and downs with it, right now I'm down. Try to get your Dr to get you into a rhumatoid specialist to get examined. Don't waste your time thinking you may have it.


Fantod - July 5

TMJ is a major contributor to neck problems. AS I stated in my post about TMJ and braces, you should be wearing a splint at nght. Take care.


Noca - July 5

I've been in a car accident before but I was already in pain before the accident, it just got worse. I find any neck pain of mine is easily treated with some Thermacare heat wraps and some Clonazepam.


kvc33 - July 5

I struggle with muscle tension too. I use a home massager called Kneading Fingers that is really good. Hot baths in epsom salts and deep breathing exercises relax the muscles as well. Doing things that you are not strong enough for will cause pain and tension afterwards.


Stacey373 - July 5

Hi bmcgovern!

I think a car accident is what started ALL of my problems! I'm 37 now, but when I was 19 I got into a car accident and got whiplash. I went to a chiropractor and massage therapist for about a year or so and then we settled my case and I got $5000 for being hurt in the accident. During that time I was really doing okay. I had little problems here and there, but I think because I was so young I didn't realize how serious the damage was to my neck. (I also got pregnant with my 1st child during this time and was more focused on that than anything else!) I had small problems over the next few years, headaches and stuff, but nothing major.

Then when I was 25 I was moving and I picked up one end of a heavy entertainment center and suddenly heard something "pop" in my neck. From that point on I've had TONS of problems and it has progressively gotten worse over the years.

Every time I went to a new doctor I would start out telling them about the car accident and the loud "pop". I also went back to a chiropractor years later and he told my that my neck was actually bent the wrong way and that it was all probably from the car accident.

anyways...Just wanted to let you know that a car accident almost 20 years ago is what started all my problems and is STILL giving me problems all these years later. Maybe if I had taken it all a little more seriously back when I was 19/20 years old, I wouldn't be dealing with all these problems now...I don't know...

You said something about needing to "relax". That's one of my biggest problems! Between my neck and shoulders always tense and hurting and I also have TMJ and I'm constantly clinching my jaw...I deal with constant headaches. You should have your doctor prescribe you a muscle relaxer that you can take at night when you go to bed. But I'm also trying to find other ways to "relax". I'm consciously trying to stop myself from clinching my jaw and I also take "Me Time" every night by reading before I go to bed. I'm also going to try doing some light Yoga and I hope that will help. And I've started walking a little every day.
Actually starting today I'm going to start a simple exercise routine where I walk and stretch and try to work out a little using 2 pound weights. We'll see how it all goes...I'm wanting to lose about 10 pounds but also I'm hoping this will make me feel a little better and will help with the "relaxing" part too! I'm going to look up some good stretching and work out exercises that focus on the neck and shoulders.

I will let you know how it goes and if any of these things actually work! Take care of yourself, Stacey :o)


Ken66 - July 5

bmcgovern - from my intial research, there seems to be a consensus that fms can be triggered by a traumatic event. I would definitely encourage you to seek out a reputable rheumatologist to review your history. I would caution you that given the typical litigation surrounding whiplash events that you find the best dr in your area. If the accident did in fact trigger fms, this will be very difficult to settle with the insurance company. I wish you the best and hope that the pain you are in goes away.


bmcgovern - July 6

Thanks everyone for your comments. I have been in pain before the accident and the accident has just made it worse for me. I just have the worst problem with my neck. It's constantly tight and i have a couple knots in my neck which don't help at all. I am getting my braces off very soon so hopefully that will help with some of the pain in my jaw and neck also.



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