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Cant cope anymore
5 Replies
fondapop - April 12

Hi, I am new here. Today I am in so much pain. I have had fibro for a long time. I am 47 and started having symptoms at 17. I was in a roll-over car crash in 2005. I suffered a compression fracture of my L1 vertebra. Since I also have scoliosis, they could not put any metal supports in my spine. The only option was having "cement" injected into to the L1. I am in constant pain. I cant sleep much at all. I have panic attacks and anxiety that is unbearable. I think the anxiety is the worse thing right now. I also have spinal stenosis, arthritis. I have broken so many bones in my life and have trouble walking. I am so scared. My insurance has now denied my Lyrica and Duragesic Patch. My chronic pain doctor will not prescribe anything for anxiety. I need support. Any suggestions will be appreciated! God Bless.


Noca - April 12

I use Xanax, Clonazepam, or Valium for my anxiety. They work great. Just dont use them more than 3-4 times a week and you wont get dependency, tolerance, nor addiction. Your GP can prescribe them. You just have to make him aware that your aware of the risks and will use them responsibly.


lucidmana - April 12

Oh, I am sorry to hear that you suffer from so much anxiety, I know all too well what you're feeling!

For a number of years I wasn't given anything to treat it, I found that I really had to stress to my Doctor that it was real, not just in my mind, and that it was and still IS having a major impact on my life. When I was finally given Clonazepam, I noticed that my body would relax and my mind would clear, allowing that horrible nervous tension to ease. My heart would stop beating like crazy and all the symptoms of panic lessened immensely. A stronger medication would be Ativan, though I don't recommend it because there is such a high dependency risk, along with increased risk of developing blood clots. I also don't like that it makes me feel 'high'. I'd steer clear of that one!

Of course I can't say that they will have the same effect on everybody, but I would definitely try to explain as best you can to your Doctor that you simply can't deal with it this way any longer.

I wish you all the best, and that you are able to find relief!


Beone - April 14

Dear fondapop
i am 49 Ive also had fibro for a long time too not as long as you. Ive found a connection of late that might help you. I found i get flare ups and anxiety just before earth quakes and solar storms, I found out the build up in magnetic pressure or shift caused by these things gives me more symptoms,(these things also cause weather change), Now here is the fun part your body gets the symptom first without the thinking process. Normally the mind causes the anxiety then the body gets the symptoms. Now if this is the case for you You can know that you are just very sensitive and choose this to be a positive thing instead of thinking there is something wrong with you. If you do get the panic from your thinking process then you can use meditation music to calm the mind or have a bath or shower something like that. this is just a tool to help cope, hope this helps.
love Beone. ps: you can Google aches to quakes to find out more.


ptalana - April 14

Hi fondapop and welcome to the forum:)
I developed fms after an accident that left me with a spinal injury, stenosis, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, etc.... My mobility has been extremely effected by this injury, as well as, the severe fibro I developed following the accident. I now use a walker at home, and a wheelchair outside of the house. My balance is shot, developed vertigo which cost me my driver's licence (sucks) now I'm housebound.
Just these changes in and of themselves would/should cause anxiety!!!! Factor in our hyper-aroused nervous system, it just stands to reason that anxiety would be a major symptom.
What I have found that helps with the anxiety is pilates, I do a 20min light pilates program 5x a week. It not only helps with the fibro symptoms, it is fantastic for spinal issues. It helps build up your core muscles with stretches and breathing techniques, which in turn takes the pressure off your spine. This program is done on your back so balance and walking issues don't come in to play. I've done pilates for over 5 years now and have experienced no negative effects. Not only are you helping your physicality but also your emotional well being.
Let's face it with everything fibro encompasses anything that brings in a feeling of well being and peace feels like a lil slice of heaven.
I personally can't take any mood altering meds due to sever sensitivity to most drugs, so I've taken a more holistic approach.
I can appreciate the fear you speak of, but learning to adapt and overcome in spite of this fear is crucial to your well being. Please know that your not alone, we're here for you. I hope that this has helped you in dealing with anxiety.
Take care and anytime you need to talk I'm here for you, Patty :)


My Bleeding Heart - April 14

Dear fondapop-

I'm sorry you are hurting. I have been in pain for over 25 years now, and know what you are feeling. You CAN survive this, but you need to get some sleep.

I take Clonazepam, too, for restless legs, and sleep. It may help your anxiety and sleep. If your sleep is disturbed, your fibro symptoms will get worse: I just spent over a month with almost total insomnia, followed by a HUGE fibro flare. Unbelieveable pain and fatigue and anxiety, too.

I've had many orthopedic surgeries and endured such pain I was put on an opoid for pain control for over a year. It worked spectacularly, but once I decided to get off of it, I am still experiencing withdrawl of pain everywhere, insomnia, and total depression. I feel like I should never have stopped it, but it seemed like the right thing to do.

You have to firmly let your physician know how distraught you are and how this makes everything else worse, and that you need some aid from medication.

Look into mindfulness on the internet, a method of relaxation and changing your thought process to only live in the moment, and not let your thoughts define who you believe you are. GOOD LUCK.



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