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Canadian health care system..answer for teresa
2 Replies
AmberRose - October 9

Well i do believe that the health care system in b.c is much better than in calgary, but i have no reason to complain , if i need blood work or x-rays ultrasounds you name it as long as my docotor refers me i get it free! If i have a concern about my kids i tell my family doc and she refers me to whom ever i ask reason of course , ive had bone density tests, blood work, x-rays and specialists up the wazoo referred for me in the last two years. My son had two 8 week sessions with a speech patholgist toally free and he is now in a school system that funds his "speical needs" school for me i even get paid to drive him to school. He dosnt have downs or anything like that but there might be a learning disorder and the doctors are right on it he gets a speech therapist an occupational therapist and physical therapy and even a child pshycologist is helping us with him, As for fibromyalgia support groups im not totally sure about that, im sure there are many though . i dont have benefits but if i did i would barely have to pay for dental and i would pay like 70 cents for my prescription instead of only 12. There are however some people who have major problems getting on disablity and some times when they do and they only need it temporarily when they get off of it nobody wants to hire them. There are senior citizens who suffer greatly because they do not have financial support and i have a friend who is a parent of a child with down syndrome and she dosn't get alot of not sure if thats because she refuses to take it or not. And here in calgary there are lots of doctors who dont listen at all, i had one doctor who i thought was amazing untill untill i took my kids in he saw them both in 5 MINS! not even 5 mins each! i was so disgusted , my jaw dropped to the floor when i took them to my current doctor for physicals...i kept looking at her like i didn't know you checked for that or that. i was amazed completly. But anyways i could go on and on talking about our medical system but i would rather tell you to move up here anywhere and find a good doctor and get better! :) Oh i should say we do pay some money to alberta health care but i think its peanuts compared to what they charge in the states


TERESA - October 9

I dont know about Canada, but her in the USA, you can get assistance if you have children much much easier! Maybe I should move to Canada LOL :)!


Janie - October 9

Canada has amazing health care. If I had had to pay for all the CT scans, ultrasounds, diagnostic tests, medications, etc. myself... it would have cost 100's of thousands of dollars. When I see the stories on the news about mothers who cannot get care for their kids, or women dying of cancer because they don't have insurance!!! I am shocked... how can this happen in the richest country in the world, its disgusting! I love my country, beautiful & free. Lots of open space & open friendly people. I heard once that the population of New York City ALONE, is equal to ENTIRE population of CANADA!!! That is so crazy.



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