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Can you stop the onset?
4 Replies
JJ1 - October 3

My friend is going through exactly what I did that led to my fibromyalgia. She has been caring for her elderly parents, working a full time job and raising her own kids. Her dad's health has declined to the point that he is in a nursing home and on hospice care. Her mom is depressed and not in great health herself. My friend is under so much stress. This weekend she had a bout of stomach pain, bloating, back pain and urinary tract infection and now I am thinking, could she be getting this too? I have been in her position and know that there is really nothing you can do but bear it. It is impossible to find the time for yourself you need so much. People talked me til they were blue in the face that I needed time off and I would say what time off, when can I take it. Any time off you take leads to more stress and guilt. I wish there was something I could do for her. Any suggestions? Her siblings live far away and are not able to help her. When they come to town they are more of a burden than help because then she has house guests to deal with. Her birthday is coming up so any suggestions of things I could do for her would be great. Sorry for the long rambling post.


Stephanie417 - October 3

JJ1, Just the idea that you care is great..I suppose that the most important and obvious thing you can do for her is to assure her that you are there for her and will continue to be there for her.. Let her know that there is support if she should need it.. Maybe even send her here to this site. It's done me wonders.. For her birthday, perhaps a nice gift certificate to a day spa or for a massage would be a good temporary fix... and a good way for her to take that time for herself to relax.. I hope she does well and dosnt have Fibro.. It's amazing to me how many people truly suffer with it..and how much of an impact it has on our lives.. You are a good friend.. She is lucky to have you.


JJ1 - October 3



Jeanie - October 4

Stephanie-417, her answer is great, but what if it isn't stress or the onset of fibro. She needs to go see her Dr. also. Just to be on the safe side.


barbar - December 18

Could you give us an update on how you're doing with this? Hope you doing ok.



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