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Can you please share what helps your fibro?
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chucksusanandgrace - January 18


I am going through a series of tests to get a diagnoses, but it looks like it is indeed fibromyalgia. I am in a flare up right now (lasting almost 3 months). I'm just hoping that some of you could share your helpful tips with us.

Here are mine:
1). Staying away from white flour, MSG, nutrasweet, sugar, caffeine, and processed foods.
2). Learning to deal with stress of every day life (prayers, meditation, etc)
3). excercise (although it is hard to do when you are in a flare)
4). Trying to stay positive


Noca - January 19

Talk therapy and Narcotics such as Dilaudid and Fentanyl.


Canada17 - January 19

The things you listed are some of the things that I do as well.

I also try hard not to push myself too much and remove myself from stressful situations where there is nothing that I can do to help the situation.

While narcotics may work for some there are a great many Fibromyalgia patients who cannot tolerate them. We often have multiple chemical sensitivity in addition to the fact that the way our bodies process everything makes for crazy side effects not felt by the general population.

Remember to drink lots of filtered/bottled water (tap water has too much crap in it! Including chlorine that can make your flares worse).

Also, remember to love yourself. If you have Fibromyalgia, you are not alone. Though we all suffer differently (which makes treatment so complicated)we all suffer which makes us all family. : ) You will always find support here.


iliveinpain - January 20

Heat, massage therapy, tylenol, skelaxin(muscle relaxer), xanax for sleep, Prescription Vitamin D, hormone replacement therapy, gentle stretching, cutting out artificial sweeteners, and most important of all at least for me, is to try to remove myself from any stressful situations. Easier said than done however...

Stress more than anything else just about kills me and will send me into a downward spiral of pain and depression for weeks.

I've also learned to baby myself when I need to, and say no to people (family) who are demanding and expecting too much out of me.

Altho I'm still trying to not feel guilty about that last one :)



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