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can you please help me?
4 Replies
vlg - June 22

Hello everyone I am so sorry to ask again ...can you please help me, not sure if this is part of my fibro as its all new..dont want to waste docs time, or to be told its all part and parcel...get used to it
4 days ago now I had this pain that shot across my lower back, more on the buttocks from one side to the just came from nowhere, my knees just buckled form underneath me and I fell to my knees.
The same thing happened again yesterday.
Has this happened to anyone with Fibromyalgia on here??
thanks for looking again
vlg from the UK


Gabbie - June 22

Hello vig. I have shooting pain sometimes in my legs, feet and arms and occasionally in the back which does come on suddenly and really hurts. It sometimes feels as though I have a hot poker being jammed into my skin and the pain radiates from that area. There are trigger points all over the body and there are a couple on each side of upper buttocks/lower back area. My doctor prescribed lidocaine cream that can be applied to the trigger points and then covered with a bandaid. I find it numbs that trigger point somewhat which in turn helps to alleviate some of the pain. I wish you well.


vlg - June 22

thanks Gabbie
this awful illness makes you feel so useless and helpless without having to have these extra pains we can get.!! I am terrified it will happen again.
Looks like I will have to waste my docs time and take an appointment, someone could use, just to check if anything else can be taken for this pain.
I am so sorry to be a pain
thanks again for replying
regards vlg


Fantod - June 22

Hello vlg, I think that you may have a problem with trigger points in that area or possibly nerve pain. I get sharp shooting pains in my legs and lower back which can be quite painful. If trigger points are the problem, there should be a lump of knotted muscle in that area. If not, I would suspect nerve pain is the culprit. I see that you are in the UK. Do you have access to gabapentin which is used here to treat the problem? Please go back to your doctor and bring them up to date on this issue. Certainly, something should be done to make you more comfortable. We were all new to fibromyalgia at some point or another. If you have questions or concerns, let us know. Knowledge is power. Take care.


Gabbie - June 22

Vig, never feel that you are being "a pain" as you called it, especially on this site because this is the place you can go to with your questions and even answer other posts and know that all of us here really understand. Fibro can be upsetting and sometimes frightening especially when a new symptom shows it ugly head, but I encourage you to stay with this forum as there is so much information here (located in upper left corner section) that you can reference. I have also found that others on this site are wonderful and just by being a part of this forum is a help. I hope you visit it often.



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