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bluebell - October 30

I am a 32 year old women.
Over the last couple of years i've been going back and forth to the doctors complaining of exhaustion, pains in the back, shoulders, muscle weakness, chronic constant headaches, painful intercourse,...but all at separate times. I've had blood test after blood test and it shows nothing and its all put down to "anxiety".

Last night i was lying in bed and i had a terrible stabbing pain in the left side of my ribs, it was really horrible. It woke me up a couple of times in the night too.

This morning i googled of course and it came up with this site. It would appear that i am suffering with many of the Fibromyalgia symptoms. I am too scared to go to the doctors because they already think i am mad!

I am in pain 90% of the time. Mostly my back, shoulders and with the added fun of muscle weakness.

What should i do?


melvian - October 30

My suggestion would be to seek a Rhuematologist. They would be a good source of information. I would also seek out a chiropractor. Your spine may be in need of alignment and I'm a testimony to what great things come from a chiro treatment. If possible find a chiro who also does electronic stimuli and ultrasound therapy. Best wishes to you and remember it's a rough road but God can help us all through it.


Gavin - October 31

Bluebell/ Melvian. I have presented with very similar muscular pain in identical area's. Back and shulders had to do with desk work and study and the left side spasm was repition from playing hockey. Do you play hockey, tennis, squasch, handball?? Keep playing it if thats the case if a all possible and use heat packs and muscle creams and such for your side. Any chest pain at all should be double checked by your doctor. The only additional i would add to Melvians good information is that in some cases manipulation and in fact massage can be painful and adversely impact patients, as it does now in my case, whereas initially it did not. I have not seen one cure all on any site, just the search and suggestions of people for ways to cope. For myself my FM is so severe atm I am just trying to get it to go into remission let alone try rehab so for me its complete bed rest. Chin up! Gavin



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