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Can you have fibro without pain?
11 Replies
chucksusanandgrace - July 7

Hi there,
I am curious if you can have fibro without pain? I have paresthesia mainly on the left side (arms and legs) that consists of strange nerve sensations and slight numbness. I sometimes get it on the right side as well.

I also get these strange sensations (same kind) between my eyes. They feel almost like a migraine headache (without the headache).

Weakness is pretty common as well as burning that moves around the body?

Chronic fatigue...that is pretty much constant, although I do have days when I am okay.

I have had MRI, EMG,NC test, waiting on a MRA. All came back good. Just had the EEG, but haven't got the results back.

I am casein allergic (milk allergy). I don't know what is causing my symptoms and all the Drs think I think to be on either seizure meds (neurontin) or antidepressents. I don't want that, I want to find a root cause.

Thank you so much.



chucksusanandgrace - July 7

my symptoms almost sound like hemiphlegic migraines?


Noca - July 7

You can have chronic fatigue syndrome I guess.


kvc33 - July 7

Tests can come back with false negatives. A friend of mine was told she had fibro for five years and has now been told that she has mutiple sclerosis. The tests she had at the beginning of her illness were negative for that but now are supporting a diagnosis of MS. Do you have issues with your spine? Have you seen a chiropractor?


ufdacentral - July 7

Sorry, I guess I have never heard of a fibro sufferer without any pain..but now a days anything can happen.
So many conditions have somewhat the same symptoms,it's hard sometimes to find the root cause of what's going on. Good Luck...hope they can track down the problem for's always nice to be able to put a name on what's wrong. blessings.


OneDayataTime - July 25

there is a difference between chronic fatigue and CFS. your symptoms sound a lot like those of CFS. also, did they run a specific check on your Vitamin D? What is your sleep pattern like? If you aren't getting to stage 4 sleep(REM or deep sleeping), and/or waking up unrefreshed you are definately a canidate for CFS. hope you feel better!


Katzra - July 25

One of the conditions to be diagnosed with fibromyalgia is having had widespread pain for at least 3 months, so, I wouldn't think you could have fibro without pain. In my research and reading on FMS there are many other conditions mistaken for it. There are some really informative sites on the Internet. I hope you are able to find some answers.


Stacey373 - July 26

I have to agree....I've never heard of anyone having fibro without the pain. And since Chronic Pain is one of the major symptoms for Fibro, if you aren't dealing with that, than you probably have something else wrong with you.
The major symptoms of Fibro are the chronic pain for at least 3 months (most of us I'm sure have dealt with it for years and not just months), pain in all 4 quadrants of the body, and then pain when the doctor does the Tender Point test.

So it sounds like you might be dealing with something else and not fibro. But who really knows now-a-days. Just don't give up and keep going to the doctor until they figure out what is wrong with you. Take Care, Stacey :o)


chucksusanandgrace - July 30

Thank you ladies and men for all the replies. I appreciate them.
My MRA and EEG came back negative. Thank God for that. Still wondering what is wrong.

I do also have pain in my upper chest and my upper left side. I have had costochondritis too, but my main complain is the paresthesia and weakness.

I am low on vitamin D, B12, B1, magnesium and iron. However, most of my vitamins are at normal levels now and I am starting to take B12 shots and still working on increasing my iron level.

I'm so confused on where to turn next.

I have been to neurologist, two rhuematologists, my MD, and since March a holistic MD. I have symptoms back from 12 years ago, but had a really long remission with only very very mild flare ups. This has been the longest, last since last November.

Do you have any other recommendations on what kind of physician I should see? I seem to be losing all hope and patience and pray for God for some clarification of what is going on. And like one of you said a LABEL. I just want to know something.

I can't think that MS could still be possible since I had a MRI of the brain 12 years ago and just recently a MRI in Jan & just now of my brain and cervical spine/lumbar.

Desperately seeking answers,

PS Again, thank you all kindly & God bless!!


chucksusanandgrace - July 30

Oh,I forgot to mention my sleep patterns. They are TERRIBLE. I do notice if I get several nights of good sleep, then I feel much much better. But if I am lacking in sleep, then I am worse off.


Stacey373 - July 30

I really wish I had some good advice for you. have you tried checking out that mayo clinic symptom checker thing that someone else mentioned? It may have been on another post, but I think it was one of your posts. Or maybe even try Webmd, they probably have a symptom checker on there too. It might also be that you are dealing with several different things, so trying to find 1 diagnosis for all your symptoms may be impossible. I don't know, just a thought.

Good Luck and I really hope you get some answers SOON. Take Care, Stacey :o)


vlc6207 - August 1

Hi Susan!

I was diagnosed with Fibro 3 months ago. I was completely surprised by the diagnosis since my reason to go to the doctor was paresthesia. It started on the toes mainly in the left leg then spreaded to the right leg and then up to the waist. The numbness was so bad that some days I couldn't walk.

The MRI? Clean.
The extreme fatigue? Been there done that!
Insomnia? We have a winner!

I did have pain (was treated for herniated disks and spasms for 12 years). Two doctors asked me if I was having sleeping issues. I did big time but as a working mom with two jobs I just thought it was stress. They added everything up and came with the diagnosis.

There is no diagostic test for Fibro, so diagnosis is a bit difficult if you don't present the classic symptoms.

My doctors have told me that when you feel better after a good night sleep and crappy after a bad one in addition to sleep issues, might be an indication of the condition.

I have been on Lyrica (a "cousin" of neurontin) for about 10 weeks now and it has worked. I still have the numbness the tingling and strange sensations but it is manageable (I still have to use flat thong sandals to work since the sensation in closed shoes is too weird!).

Lyrica might help you too.

I hope you get your answer soon!

Anyway, we are still here for you,




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