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Can We Please Get Back To The Real Reason We All Come Here
5 Replies
Jeri - December 14

there r some great ppl out here. no one can agree all of the time, but can we at least try. the personal attacks are as bad out here as on any website i have ever seen.... really mean. it is not what i expected from a fibro website. this site is for helping others deal and cope with their illness. can we just concentrate on that for a while. lets try!


teresat - December 14

I think that that is just the plan here. So starting with yourself.... try not to mention it anymore! OK?


barbar - December 14

You know it's an odd thing, for some bizarre reason nobody understands, interpersonal interaction in the cyber world brings out the worst in people. There's a lot of research done on what I call "[email protected]", the cyber world, attesting this odd phenomenon. (There are special fields in both sociology and psychology, along with some areas in the medical sciences, that focus on the human interaction over the internet.) I will confess, I've fallen prey to this phenomena myself. Folks here have often reported being mystified that someone who is usually really, really nice, informative and a great contributor will suddenly fall into this odd behavior. My point is that there is something afoot in the human soul that can often have its way with us and it is therefore up to us to consciously exert efforts to overcome it. I'm not saying that we are not responsible for engagin in this odd behavior, quite the contrary. I am saying that because there's an urge out there just waiting to have its way with us, we must take the responsibility to squash it whenever it rears its ugly head. We all have to recognize that one will not always be successful, so we must be kind. If we are to make this a community, and I believe that is what we want to do, we have to help each other in our efforts not to fall prey to the '[email protected] menace' (LOL), forgive each other when we do, and listen to each other when others report that the [email protected] menace may have had its way with us. Lots of Love and Joys of the Season.


larry - December 14

You have some great points barbar- there are so many different personalities here and fibro personalities at that. We could all have better health if we looked at ourselves and laughed. The book that Thedora posted about by Dr. Scott Brady called PAIN FREE FOR LIFE addresses what you speak about.- the 5 Pain-Prone Personalities and how your personality might be contributing to your Pain. I visited the website and it helped me understand the interactions here. The following descriptions are excerpts from Dr. Brady's book. ---The Perfectionist-....
The Perfectionists Motto: "I must be perfect and right… I refuse to be average."......
The People-Pleaser-.......
People-Pleaser Motto: "I will be happy, pleasant, and liked by everyone.".....
The Legalist-...Legalist's Motto: "I enjoy being right in almost every discussion and conversation.".......The Stoic....-Stoic's motto: " "If I can just put a cap on my emotions, I will be perceived as strong.".....The Fear-Prone-....Fear-Prone personality motto: Thinking about the unknown makes me feel uptight."
Maybe we can start a post where we all talk about our thoughs on this and then we can laugh at ourselves and lightened up. ... Carrie Lee, you are reading this book and it is helping you, correct? Can you share some info with us?


teresat - December 14

Barbara, I believe that explains me also!!! I have been trying to communicate to others on this site & my level of frustration is so VERY HIGH that I have resorted to SCREAMING!!! How to comminicate over a stuipid keyboard & get your point across??? It doesn't help when you are constantly bombarded with ATTACKS!! You seem to be much more level headed than I & yet I can tell you have had enough!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!! Youve been up front & factual!! I am IMPRESSED!!


HK - December 14




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