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Can we Donate Blood?
11 Replies
Patrice - November 4

This past week I participated in a Blood Drive we had a work. About an hour after donating blood, I started feeling different (more so than usual). I started experiencing a weakness like I haven't experienced before with my 'normal' symptoms of Fibromyalgia. It was different than being fatigued. It was like all strength had been extracted from my muscles and body. (Like I required batteries to operate and someone took my batteries out!) The next day I had to leave work and go home and lay down for about 3 hours. The overwhelming weakness lasted at least 3 days. Should those with Fibromyalgia NOT donate blood? Is there any medical documentation to support this question?


TERESA - November 4

I haven't heard of any medical documention that it is contraindicated for people with FMS to donate. It is always contraindicated for people not feeling well to give blood. donating puts extra stress on your system. People with FMS are always fighting stressors to our system & giving up our blood is puts an unnessary stress to our system! I myself woud not donate unless I was feeling unusally good at the time! Hope this helps!


TERESA - November 4

P.S. I also know that the people you work for, can put the pressure on you to donate!!! I worked fo a hospital that recieved some kind of KUDOS for geting their employees to donate! They would pressure me to donate & wanted to know why I refused!! Remeber that this is NONE OF THIER BUSINESS!!!!


carm - November 5

You can as far as i am aware but if you think it will make you to weak i wouldn't do it.


Virg - November 5

God isn't that the truth about pressure. Good for you for being ticked off Teresa,
and damn didn't add more stress to the FMS. It's really something how we have to justify ourselves.......and for what!
I was referred to a Fibromyalgia group when I was diagnosed with it and felt I HAD to go because my disabiltiy wouldn't be kept up.Well it was the best thing I did because I taught myself and the rest of the gang how to say NO. THAT IS SO IMPORTANT FOR US. We have to believe in ourselves enough to know we can't do it. We also have to make it sound like its not the other persons fault for asking. Once you can master that in a diplomatic way it helps....and I know you got that just by saying it really none of thier business.


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?


Patrice - December 18

Needless to say, I have not 'donated' blood since the last blood drive at work. However, since our last blood drive, I sent an email to the Blood Center's representative and asked the question I posted originally on this site. The representative is not a medical person, so he forwarded my response to their medical team. They are researching the issue. It seems like no one has an answer at this time. ... As for me, I don't think I will be donating blood again because of how it made me feel afterwards. I was concerned with how I felt after donating and also if donating my blood could affect the recipient. The thought never occurred to me that it could affect the recipient until I felt so bad afterwards. If anyone is interested when I do get some information I'll be happy to post it. I'm also curious if anyone has donated blood before and had the same response I did. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!


JJ1 - December 18

I would think it isn't a good idea. A "normal" person can feel week and fatigued after giving blood so I think it would just exacerbate problems for fms suffererers. Not an MD, so don't know what they would say so let us know when you find out.


Wanda - December 18

Patrice, I gave blood last year and it took me weeks to get over it. I used to give often a long time ago and never knew it to bother me but I won't be giving any time soon.


moglen - November 25

Hi, I'm new to the group. saw your posts and thought i'd comment. been on line to find out if i can still donate as i have FMS. last time i donated i had a flare for three days, which i'd never had befor. apparently ME sufferers can't donate now as a ruling in 2010 said no for their own health benefit. I think we have to put our own health first and think about the person recieving our blood. Are we putting anyone else at risk. i have been giving for thirty years and have recieved my silver award. I think i'll hand in the towel grasiously and pat myself on the back. I live in England by the way. good health to you all. xxx


Sonja44 - February 1

I had the exact same response to donating blood a year before I got diagnosed. Along with having Fibromyalgia ... I also have Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction (CFIDS).

On the CFIDS Association of America website...they say we should not donate blood since the cause of these illnesses is still unknown...and because most people with these illnesses are adversely affected by donating blood.


January - February 3

I agree with Sonja. Nobody really knows what the cause of fibromyalgia is - there are theories of all kinds, and it may be the end result of a variety of different problems. Some of them might not be contagious, but some possible links to fibro, like viral illnesses and Lyme Disease most definitely could pass through the blood to infect others.

I would say, do someone else a favor, and don't take the risk of contaminating them by donating blood. We really do NOT understand what fibromyalgia is yet.



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