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Can't take it anymore, need sleep and hugs :(
8 Replies
iliveinpain - January 5

I've had barely 3 hours of sleep, and that's after my usual night time pain and sleep meds. I'm now up since 3:30 a.m., after falling asleep past 12:30 a.m., and can't get back to sleep. My neck is hurting so bad, I can't find a comfortable position in bed. I'm sitting here in the middle of the night like a loony and hurting, with a heat wrap on my neck, which isn't helping, and just took more pain meds and another xanax. I'm so careful, cause I worry about overdosing. I sat down and wrote everything out that I already took and wrote down the new stuff. I'm desperate to sleep and feel better. It only compounds the problem when my husband is raising the roof with his snoring. I love him, he's wonderful, but nite s like this, well, um, not good. I get angry! Plus I just emailed my boss and human resources telling them I'll be in AFTER I get some sleep. Hopefully that will happen soon, I'm exhausted, I just don't know what to do. I can't hold my head up, and I can't lay down and not feel pain. Sometimes I get so depressed, like now, that I wouldn't mind just saying goodbye to everything. I won't do it, I have kids and a new grandson, who I wasn't even able to hold at xmas time cause I hurt too bad. I'm only 55 and I feel like 105, and it keeps getting worse. I didn't know what else to do, I'm sitting here crying and just didn't know what else to do to make me feel better, sorry guys, I'm a downer, but we've all been there and we understand. This site is my emotion lifeline so many of the times and I just wanna thank you all for being there so many times for me. Only wish we could help each other more... maybe someday these stupid doctors of ours will finally be able to help us the way we all deserve to be helped. This is really not a good way to go thru life.... hope you are having a better day than I am....


Fantod - January 5

Sorry to hear that you are having such a difficult time. Been there done that... Nothing like being alone and in pain in the middle of the night. Get some ear plugs so you don't get the full impact of your husbands snoring. Even if you just wear them loosely to lessen the noise.

Call your doctor and ask if you can have a script for the Flector Pain Patch. It is not narcotic. If you are not allergic to NSAIDs there should be no problem. This patch only works wherever it is applied. I have degenerative disc disease and use it on my lower back. I find that it works really well. No nasty side effects like being woozy or high. I think that it would really help settle your neck down.

I hope that you can get some quality sleep. As you probably know, lack of restorative sleep increases FMS pain levels. You and your doctor need to work on a new plan to make that happen. Take care.


iliveinpain - January 5

thanks Fantod, that's good to know. I'd been thinking of trying that patch, but was afraid of side effects and I can't tolerate narcotics at all!! I was wishing I had one at 4 a.m. this morning, but I'll look in to it, thanks again.


Noca - January 6

Try a sleep aid besides Xanax. Maybe something like Trazadone, or Zopiclone. Also try getting a really good mattress, I know since I got a good one my sleep has improved and morning pain 10 fold.

What pain medications are you currently on?


Hope you feel better soon.


axxie - January 6

Hey there, know exactly how you feel, was like that earlier in the week. I feel like there's no tomorrow and you feel like everything that is going on is your fault. You hate your hubby for snoring so loud and you hate everyone that has life so carefree and you hate the way you are and you keep thinking on how you were prior to this hell of hole of fibro took over your body.

Try the patches they do help, and ask your doctor to give you trazadone or lunesta to help you at night. I know trazadone helps tremendously, it helps the progression of sleep. I have been on them for over a year and I only take half a pill and I sleep until someone shakes me to wake me, otherwise I am oblivious to the radio.

If you do take them, it will be awhile for you to get use to the trazadone they are one powerful sleep aid, and the only one that works, with fms I was told by my neurologist.

Try positioning your body sideway with a pillow between your knees and a towel or another pillow in your back, then hug another pillow on your front. Sometimes the change of ways that you sleep can help. Just one warning, you need to sleep on the otherside of our stomach, otherwise you will hear your stomach growl and groan all night.

Hope you feel better soon, soft HUGS to you, my dear, just one day at a time.


ptalana - January 7

I hear ya, sleep what is sleep???? I'm on my fifth migraine day head is so heavy my neck can't hold it up anymore:( I'm going to talk to my doc about the Flector patch asap, can't take another day or night like this.
Hopefully we can get some relief soon, I wish you better days and nights ahead.


iliveinpain - January 7

Hi guys, thanks so much for all of the support. You make me smile. The flector patches were helping, but guess what?? I am back to square one again after visiting my family. I still haven't recovered from xmas stress and we're already fighting about next year!!! I have a bunch of insane people in my family, and when I've told them that this was the last year I was able to do a big get together, I was accused of trying to break traditions and breaking up the family, being lazy, disrespectful of the family, and when our 84 year old mother is gone, that will be it for all of us. WOW!! I sobbed for 2 hours afterwards, and now of course hurting again! Nice huh? Oh well, we have to deal with the hands we've been dealt I guess, and the only support I get is thru my husband, and this website. Love you guys!!


axxie - January 7

Typical of their emotional outburst, lets get the persons feelings all worked up. They don't care, cause they have nothing to invest except enjoy. I know what you are feeling, when through it and I won't be doing it again. You my dear friend need to get over those feelings of shame that they have put on you, you just have to remember that they have nothing invested so they aren't loosing by laying the guilt trip on you.

I hope you feel better soon, soft hugs to you my dear.


solanadelfina - January 9

(Gentle hug.) It's not right when other folk put their own choices at someone else's door. Just because you won't be doing Christmas anymore for good reason doesn't mean someone else can't pick it up, and if no one decides to then that's their choice, not your fault.

I hope you can get some more rest with the holidays being over.



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