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Can't stand this d/*!? jaw pain.......
8 Replies
ptalana - February 7

Hi all, I've been living with this dislocated jaw for the past four years since my accident. I have to wait till insurance approves the much needed surgery to repair all the nerve damage not to mention repairing the jaw itself!!!! These past few days my jaw is once again locked and the pain is so severe I can hardly talk. I'm at my wits end! Does anyone have any ideas on what to do to minimize this pain? Oral surgeon told me there is no sense in going to hospital as there is very little they can do other than give me meds that I'm already taking for my fms. Pain has spread into my right ear, hearing is now affected seems muffled like my ear is stuffed with cotton. Also extremely itchy, but when I scratch the pain shoots through the roof of my head.
I'd appreciate any and all recommendations you may have.
Today is once again a pyjama, no shower, no anything Sunday:( I really hate this!!!!!
Sorry for the venting guys, hope you are all doing o.k this weekend.


Noca - February 7

Im sorry for your pain and that you have to wait for insurance to approve the surgery. I get all my surgeries for free in Ontario while on ODSP. Maybe try using an ice cold pack against the part of the jaw hurting the most.


Noca - February 7

Also if your in a pain management clinic, you can ask for a nerve block to be injected into your jaw.


ptalana - February 7

Hey Noca, thanks for the quick reply! I have been applying the cold pack and it does help temporarily. I'm still waiting for approval for pain therapy clinic. My rheumy has referred the nerve block injections, but once again we've had to wait for these to be approved. I'm also waiting for long term disability to be approved with the govt. Was denied the first time and submitted my request to have this reversed in Dec and am still waiting. These wheels tend to move very slowly...... Meanwhile I'm stuck in limbo. How difficult was it for you to get ODSP? I've heard that it's even harder to be approved. Right now we're barely able to keep our home, money is so tight!!! I pray everyday for a positive outcome in all of these issues.
I hear all the time "what doesn't kill us makes us stronger", I just don't know how much more I can take:(
Thanks again Noca, hope things are going better with you. I think about you often and send you positive vibes, Patty


Noca - February 7

It took me a total of 3 days from handing my ODSP application forms to my psychiatrist to getting a cheque in the mail along with a letter stating that I have been found to have a significant disability that prevents me from working.

My official reason for ODSP is social anxiety disorder.

I also have OCD, ADD, Dysthymia, Major depression, asthma, and chronic pain from MHE(and possibly FMS).


Fantod - February 7

Hi Patty - I've had TMJ for years, braces twice and still have problems periodically with my jaw. I could crush diamonds - I clench especially at night. I actually broke a bite splint that had a titanium reinforcement rod in it! The sensation I usually get is comparable to having someone trying to stuff a half inch dowel into my ear canal. The pressure sensation is terrible - I can certainly sympathize.

Take a hand towel and soak the middle of it in warm water. Leave the ends dry so you can wring it out. Microwave it until it warm and rest the towel against your face. Moist heat is always best for this type of issue. Repeat as many times as you like.

I also have found that a sports rub called Myoflex is pretty effective right at the front of the ear where the jaw connects. I don't know if it available in Canada. I imagine any sports rub without scent will do following a warm towel application.

Also, you can buy a bite splint to mold yourself. It is available here in drugstores - you should be able to find it online. It is customized using hot water and then you bite on it. This might give your jaw and the surrounding muscles some added support so they don't get so achey and tired. I wear a bite spint at night and sometimes during the day if I'm really stressed. It sure helps.

I hope that these suggestions are helpful to you. Feel better. xo


ptalana - February 8

Thanks Fantod, I'm going to give the heated towel a try. I've had a bite plate for almost a year, unfortunately it hasn't helped. Oral surgeon wasn't surprised the nerve damage can only be fixed with surgery, lucky me. Funny thing though when I was using plate I must of spat it out during the night, hubby would wake up to it stuck on his back and cheek sometimes. At least it made us laugh if nothing else, lol.
Not sure if I've seen Myoflex here in Canada, but I'll have hubby take a look for it.
Clenching my teeth hasn't been an issue as my back teeth no longer meet. Makes chewing a little difficult. I'm sure things could be a lot worse, right?
Thanks so much for the advice and support, Patty


kvc33 - February 10

My chiropractor can fix anything. A neighbor of mine had terrible facial pain for a year. Every med she tried she was allergic too. She finally went to see a chiropractor and the adjustment he gave her fixed the problem. Chiros don't just work with the spine. They can do hips, knees, ankles, ribs, head, face, you name it. Mine is the only doc out there who actually helps me. Look into it.


ptalana - February 10

Hi kvc33, thanks for the advice. I was seeing a chiropractor for 1 1/2yrs following my accident. Due to injuries to my neck and back she was unable to do any manipulative adjustments, she was using a alternative procedure which incorporated lymphatic draining. This therapy helped take some of the pressure off, but unfortunately wasn't very effective for pain relief. I have a great deal of respect for my chiropractor who worked so hard to help, I was seeing her 3x a week. It had become extremely frustrating for us both, but she was so amazing and was willing to try any and all procedures to help me. Not to mention was willing to take care of me without being paid upfront, we're still waiting for her to be reimbursed from insurance co.
Once I start getting disability I'll probably continue with chiropractic therapy. I just feel too guilty taking up so much of her time not knowing when I'll be able to pay her.
Thanks again, and welcome:) Patty



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