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Can't sleep because of discomfort, upper back.
3 Replies
iorabuena - March 26

Hello everyone,

I have been diagnosed with FM for a few months, I'm currently seeing a rumotologist. I keep asking my self if the symtoms I keep having are FM my doctor keep's telling me that it is. Does anyone feel like this: I'm having a very hard time sleeping because of the muscle tention I can't seem to ever find a comfortable position. I have deep aches from my shoulders to my upper back and around to my ribs. Sometimes I feel like even my chest feels tight I'm always tired because of the lacke of sleep. My doctor currently put me on anti depressants (nytropyline) at night and also muscle relaxers. He wants me to try this for a few months. He also wants me to go to physcal therapy to learn how to stretch. I work on a computer allday so it doesn't help. I'm glad I found this forum because it makes me feel like I'm not alone.....Thanks, any responds will be helpful


belle1329 - March 26

Your symptoms seem all common with FM. I cant sleep at night because of arm pain and night sweats. I tried muscle relaxers and sleeping pills. The muscle relaxers made me groggy in the am and the sleeping pills made me crazy. I too work on computer all day. Make sure your keyboard and moniter and chair are all in the correct hight/position. I re arranged mine and it did help a bit. Still have the pain but has not been has bad! Knock on wood! I know Im not much help, but it is good to know your not alone. I too am glad to have found this forum :-)


belle1329 - March 26

I just got my results from GYNO I just found out Im post menopausal, no other abnormal reports
Im 51. I was on the pill a year.
I still have the fibro, but have been having some good days...KNOCK on wood!!!!S


axxie - March 27

heyiorabuena and bell1329

Glad that we are all in this together, I'm also 51 and have been in menopausal since I was 23.

I haven't gone back to work since jan of this year, somedays I would love to go back to work, but I'm so confused that I don't think I would be able to do much good.

I'm not sure about the nytropyline and the muscle relaxer, you may find with time it doesn't work for you, don't be afraid to ask him about Savella new drug just been approved by the FDA for FMS, there's also Cymbalta and others, that he may want to get you on if what you are on doesn't work. Don't be afraid to tell your rheumy when things are going well. It's the only way they will know and try new drugs. There's so many of them that it can take a while before hitting the right ones.

belle1329, happy you are feeling great these last few days, keep on counting and let us know, when you get a flare up, I want to know how long we can go without getting another symptom. It gives us a chance to see how long we can go without the flare up and it gives us all a boost.

I'm in flare up from the past week, and it just hasn't been getting any better. I'm hoping if we get the sunshine and some real warm weather to say I might just get some good times, and I can forget this past winter.



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