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MERRY - July 25

I've had pain in my left side around my waist, localized at times and sore to the external touch but also radiating out across my abdomen and lower back since about January. It is getting worse and now I'm having pain in my sternum and feeling short of breath at times. I also get some pain in my left jaw under a tooth that had a root canal two years ago and the pain gets up into the left ear and the glands underneath the tooth. It'll last for 4-5 days and then starts to fade away. I've had IBS my entire adult life, also. The pain in my side has always felt like soft tissue, not muscular or bone. I've told the doctors it hurts like an infection or abcess. I've been to four different doctors in the last five months, had a CT, EGD, Colonoscopy, PAP test and 2 abdominal ultrasounds. So far they haven't found anything to account for the problem. I called my doctor today to ask if they would order a blood panel: CBC and Chem panel. In five months not one of the doctors has ordered blood work. When the nurse called me back she said "I thought you weren't going to fall apart anymore". I'm tired of being patronized and treated like a scared two year old. The doctors have all had this attitude and I'm not being taken seriously, not being listened to. If it was their body, they would certainly be concerned just as I am. It doesn't help that they think this is all in my head and I'm just crazy. Does anyone know what sort of doctor I should go to next? I've gone to a GP, gynecologist, and 2 GI doctors and I'm just not getting anywhere. I'm so frustrated and I'm starting to get scared. FMS is the only thing I've found on the internet that comes close to encompassing all the symptoms I've experienced. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


JJ1 - July 25

After going through a similar routine (I was constantly visiting an orthopedic doc because my pains seemed to be in my joints and I was sure I had sprained something). They finally started treating me like a hypochondriac, told me that they could do nothing for me and that I should see a rheumatologist. It was through the rheumatologist, after extensive bloodwork, that I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I highly recommend that you try to see a rheumatologist! If your area has a fibromyalgia support group, they may be able to recommend some doctors in your area.


MERRY - July 26

JJ, thanks for the response. This is so frustrating and scary. I know doctors get jaded when they can't find an easy answer, but they need to put themselves in the patient's place. If it was them, they'd be worried too. I will research Rheumatologists locally. Thank you again.


pbye06 - August 20

I have been seeing a rheumatologist for about two years. I got his name from my Podiatrist whose wife has FMS . On my first visit he told me "you think your in pain therefore you are". He changed my anti inflamatory meds, but he didn't want to mess with the anti-depressants my other doctor prescribed. After a few visits he decided I didn't have FMS. He thinks I have Myofacial Pain Syndrome. A month ago saw a flyer about a lecture a Physician from Sacramento CA was giving on the treatment of FMS. I found his web site and was supprised that he has had success in his research & treatment of FMS. Check out the site for your self @ I have already begun treatment and was amazed at the amount of lab work requested. He accually has specific things he is looking for. The testimonials from his other patients is what made me decide to give him a chance. If there is the slightest chance he can cure this I'm there.


pbye06 - August 20

I'm sorry I wrote the website incorrectly. The correct web site is read the treatment section.



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