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Can life be great with fibromyalgia?
6 Replies
Connie - January 22

Perhaps it is time to bring balance into focus for those of us who live with fibromyaliga. After living with this condition for more than 30 years, please allow me to share my thoughts on the subject. There are good doctors and insurance companies willing to work with us. A good attitude about life in general can make all the difference. It takes patience and perseverance to negotiate the research and options available. You are not alone, even though it may seem like that when flare-ups occur. Medicine is not a "fix all" even if we do live in a fast paced world with high demands for getting what we want when we want it. Not everything is connected to fibromyaliga. We can have different illnesses just like anyone else. The internet isn't always a good place to find compassion and understanding. (Real relationships are 10x better.) Exercise is more important than we would like to think, and it is a must if you want a good life with fibro. I walk three miles a day, five days a week on a treadmill. Yes, sometimes it hurts a lot. Medicine can help with many of the symptoms we expierence. Remember, you will have very bad flare-ups and really good days also. It doesn't go away, and it can't be cured. But you can live a good life and you won't die from fibro. Monitor stress in your life. Pace events and work.Eat balanced meals and drink plenty of water. Adjust your life to fit your needs. And probably one of the most important things you can do is get involved in something outside yourself. It is all to easy to spiral into the ground with fatigue and pain. Life continues with or without us. I choose to live my life to the fullest. Don't settle for less in your life. My best to all.


JJ1 - January 26

Very nice, Connie. I agree with the exercise part but unfortunately I don't always practice what I preach. I try to walk my dog daily and take the stairs at work...just little things to keep me moving around. I just returned from a cruise and was VERY active and felt just fine (just went to bed fairly early each evening) -- we swam with dolphins and climbed a waterfall in Jamaica and I swam with string rays and snorkeled a reef in Cayman Islands. I was physically exhausted but it felt so good.


Lyle Anderson - January 26

Very, very good advice, especially the part about exercise. I used to walk miles a day but haven't in a long time. Here's what I'd like to do: start again. I will start a little bit at a time and post here on how I'm doing. My wife has been wanting to get me out the door and active for quite some time now, so she's gonna be real pleased at tis. I sill start tomorrow (too many docs to see today) and keep you posted on Monday. I will start by stretching and walking until I feel that negative pull. Walking back to wherever I started should be enough to walk me through it. If I feel like it, I'll turn around and walk that distance again and then no matter how I feel---good or bad---I'll stop and stretch. It's cold here so I'll actually start and end in a nice warm tub, to get the muscles warmed up. Wish me luck!


Connie - January 26

You have no idea how these responses to my post have encouraged my continued exercise. I am always amazed by our ability to bolster and lift the spirits of ourselves and others with positive words of encouragement backed by tangible, commom sense actions. I keep a simple list on the vanity mirror. It lists things that are important to my life with fibro. Just five or six phrases that say things like Stretch, Walk, Pace Tasks, Do SomethingFor Someone Else, and It Gets Better (for those horrid Flare -ups.) When I am in a "flare", I seem to forget the fact that it will eventually pass. So Thanks for giving me a big boost. Make it a great day.


Patrice - January 26

Connie ... Thanks for your positive insight and inspiration. Your words of wisdom have given me a boost, too! Have a wonderful day and continue to smile!


teresat - January 27

Very good attitude!!! We always feel better when we GET OUT of ourselves & GET INTO some one or something else! Thanks for the reminder!!!


yannie - January 27

everyday I am alive is a good day! There is always the fibro symptoms that make some days worse than others - but getting up, working with the toddlers at daycare 5 days a week not only givesme exercise...I get alot of love in return. I



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