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Can Fibromyalgia go nto remission?
8 Replies
Joan - June 8

Can Fibromyalgia go into remission?


JJ - June 1

My symptoms wax and wane (usually related to how stressful my life is at the time) but it always comes back.


Chris - June 1

I had one good year, now it's been three bad one.


jonquiliser - June 3

chris: can you recall any particular things you did that good year that could have helped, or sth you did that would have caused the relapse? details, habits, diet, exercises, work?


Lynne - June 3

This is one of the reasons to keep a journal to help you track what is going on with your body. You can comment on things such as stress, foods that you have been eating, sleep patterns, medications and even such things as weather conditions. FMS does wax and wane finding out the reasons why is the tough part.


Chris - June 6

Hi, I keep a journal and have done so for 5years. I couldn't find any change in what I did to help, and believe me I looked. I still go over my journal for that year, and can't find anything that seems to have been the cause of remission. I haven't had any relief since.


Amethyst Angel - June 8

Sometimes the body just likes to be mysterious.. I notice my symptoms usually wax and wane over two week cycles (the two weeks around my period being the most tortuous.) Also, if I have an illness (like a bladder infection,) I tend to feel much much worse. Stress also kills me if I let it get to me. My advice: try experimenting with different supplements (I take magnesium, MSM, Grape Seed Extract, and acidophilus) and see if they improve your situation any. There are some people who swear by them. (And there are others for whom they won't work at all.) The only way you'll know if they work for you is to try them.


Debra - June 8

Hi:Joan My symptoms are every day they do not wax and wane.It really depends on the person who has it.Example if you have been in a accident your symptoms might be severe every day.Take care. Debra.


chris - June 8

Hi all; I eat the most healthy diet, take my supplements, don't drink or smoke, and still here I am. I'm trying to get back to working out, but of course the pain and exhaustion are terrible, but I keep trying which is all any of us can do. The doctor seems to think it's ok to tell me that I'll be like this forever, then I just tell him forever won't be a long time.



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