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Can breast implants be a trigger ??
10 Replies
emma - November 8

After suffering and fretting for 5 years, I think I have finally found the answer to my pain. Ive been seen by many doctors, whom have done test after test only to make me feel as though im some kind of hypochondriac. I had a breast augmentation 5 yrs ago, then suffered a nasty bout of mono which knocked me out for a whole year. After that ive never felt the same. My current doctor said I had adrenal fatigue ( due to a high volume of stress for over 10 yrs) and also Chronic Fatigue, but never once mentioned Fybromyalgia, even though my symptoms have always consisted of chest pains shoulder, rib and neck. Among other symptoms) Anyway in your opinion do you think the breast implants could have triggered the whole thing? They are saline filled in a silicone shell. have you any medical evidence that this is a trigger? Also wold it go away if i had them removed? Has anyone else had the same issue. Implants then a decline of health? I also have sensitivity to certain food which i never had before. Amongst a host of other symptoms, I feel as though this is what i have. And some relief knowing that too. Ive dealt with the flare ups for so long it is now part of my everyday life.


Jean - November 3

I think it would be best that you inform your doctor for the best information for your questions at this time.


emma - November 3

I have many times, even the plastic surgeon. But no one seems to have any answers. I was just wondering if anyone else out there had experienced anything similar.


Jean - November 4

Hi Emma. I guess my question would be is your breast implants leaking and if so can you get it checked out by the surgeon who did you? Get that questioned answered and have you ever confered with a Rheumatologist? They can diagnose Fibromyalgia and help you get started in the treatment of this condition. It seems to me that I still think you need to see maybe a few more doctors about this because it is so indepth that it would be difficult to pin it down. Give that a try and see what answers you get and let us know. I wish I could help you out more but there is too much unanswered questions that need to be looked into.


emma - November 4

thanks for the info. I know my implants arnt leaking,and they are saline filled. But i agree I do need to see a few more doctors. Its just such a nusiance with the type of insurance I have. And I really dont have the $ to pay out of pocket.Also I dont know who to see. I will definatly ask mt doc to refer me to Rheumatologist. But after visiting this site and reading about all the symptoms I feel as though Fibro is my problem. I have a few more tests that I would like my doc to do, but Ive had so many others done all being neg. But my doctor has never once in 5 yrs mentioned fibro. only cfs and adrenal fatigue. maybe i should go through the process of changing docs ?


emma - November 4

what test would you recomend I was curious as to what tests other people have had maybe my doctor is missing ?


Steve S. - November 4

Emma: A family member had implants several years ago and reported similar problems, she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia also. She had her implants removed and after nearly 2 years started getting better, she is now 100% healthy.. If possible talk to a "good"
Rheumatologist about your condition and I'm sure he or she will be able to guide you in the right direction.. Good luck and God bless.. I'll say a special prayer for you!!


Christina - November 5

I had silicone implants in 1979 and have had ill health since it is only recently that I have started to connect the two.
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgi last year.As a result I have done research on the web and the diagnosis of Fibro myalgia is indeed closely linked to silicone implants,it is a battle in England getting Doctors to accept the link between the two.A Rheumatologist diagnosed my Fibromyalgia, so i`d suggest you make an appointment with one ASAP


Jean - November 6

I would think that if the silicon implants might be the root to your cause of Fibrmyalgia I would get them removed. You know maybe you weren't destined to have this done and is an answer for you to correct the situation.


emma - November 8

Thanks for all the interesting info. Even though my implants are saline filled the outer shell is made of silicone. I guess the only way to see if they are the problem is to have them removed. Had them done because of natural deformity, but I guess my health is more important than looks. I was very depressed about only having one breast, but I dont know whats worse !


Jean - November 8

Emma: You have to look at the beauty on the inside not the outside. In fact they do have prosthesis that you can be fitted for and you'll be surprised at that out come. Health is deffinatly(sp) more important. Hope this helps in your decision and you'll make the right decision for yourself. TTYL Best Wishes



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