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can anyone please help with this problem??
11 Replies
ralph - January 17

do any of you people suffer with what seems to be sensitivity to flourescent lights and sounds such as bassy (ex. fish tank, organ at mass, music with bassy sounds, refrigerator humming, heating vent sounds etc) and the lighting conditions in school settings, walmart, target etc. with the flourescent light triggering a weird feeling in your head such as feeling full in the head, feeling like you will pass out but never do actually pass out. muscle tightness in the neck (sides of neck behing the ears)slight hissing in ears and ringing, feeling like ears are clogged. all this triggers the weird feeling in head such as dreamlike state, feeling of not in reality, my neurologist said it is part of fibromyalgia and possible panic attacks, or some kind of migraines without the pain. had brain mri with and without contrast--all normal. had autoimune tests--all normal. he said it was nothing serious more of a quality of life problem. it scares me though. any help???


Charlie - November 30

Yes, I have experienced all of the above. I have to say that I think I can attribute it more to Sugar and Bread intake and a disruption in sleep routine. On the days that I have off work and tend to sleep a little longer I really notice this. My ears are very sensitive to sounds and I suffer as well from constant tinitus. My ears pop on and off, one ear in particular and I feel spaced out and sometimes unable to focus on things properly. I feel neither here nor there. I do not suffer panic attacks, but on the days that I do not have to get up and go to work, Iseem to be down in the dumps and unable to physically function. Ido not know what I would do if I didn't have a job to go to, even though I am in pain at work. I know that I have been eating more products that I shouldn't, ones that are not yeast-free and I pay the price. I haven't noticed that by cutting out these products, though that I am in any less pain, but it does have some positive effects, such as more clear-headedness and less asmatic effects not to mention the weight loss and it does seem to help with the fibro-fog, which you are describing. It takes a lot of will power to get over the first few days of cravings, but once you do, you will see a lot of difference. Hope this helps you. God bless.


Jean - December 1

Yes, it does sound like fibro-fog. Getting off the white breads and sugars should help you. You may be having anxiety attacks or panic atacks which medication can help you with this. Are you on any antidepresants at this time or are you trying to handle this by yourself? Seek a Rheumatologist and a psychiatrist just to have someone to talk to and monitor your medicines for you to get the best treatment possible. No this illness is not in your head it is real and you need help to get in a better place with this. So help is here, give it a try you have nothing to lose and fibro stays around. Hope this helped a bit.


Lori - December 9

Hi Ralph:
You know I have read many people talk about fibro fog but I had no idea they were referring to this. Yes I suffer from the same things and thought it was unrealted to fibromyalgia. I have been experiencing terrible symptoms lately and wonder what triggers it. I have been falling down lately because I cannot seem to keep my balance. Lights, noise, group of people talking all seem to affect me. I have also lost the hearing in my left ear. They could find no reason for this and chalked it up to a viral illness and have said that it is permanent. I am now having the same problems in my right ear and having panic attacks for fear that I will lose all my hearing. I have had every test imaginable which have all come back normal. I struggle with keeping focused and it has become very difficult to work. I am currently taking Effexor which helps a little for the muscle pain and a lot for the depression that I am experiencing from this dreadful syndrome. I would also like to know if there is any other help for this "fibrofog"?


Jean - December 9

Hi Lori: I also experienced this fibro-fog where I had to write everything down and was just in a daze. It is , of course as we all know a chemical imbalance in the brain. It takes time to get this balanced back out but I've been on antidepressants, not seretonin because it tends to worsen the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, at least it did for me. Taking muscle relaxers and pain medication only as needed will help you. you can build these chemicals back up,in your brain where your body can then start doing what is is suppose to do. However, you could be experiencing something totally different that is why I always say rule as much out as possible. There are many lists of conditions that mimic Fibromyalgia and this is where it will take time. Talk with your doctor and get a game plan going to rule out and make things better. Still you will have good and bad days but I think more good as time goes on.


Suffering - December 10

Oh yea the lights bug the hell out of me, even the computer screen and of course sunlight I am really sensitive on "bad days" this is when I pull the blinds and have my "quiet time".


kathi - January 13

Yes, I get pain in my shoulder and jaw when I go it Target in particular. I thought it was because of carrying a heavy purse. Changed the purse and carry it on other side and sill it happens. I've mentioned it to several people and just googled flourescent lighting and pain to find out what's going on. I do have some muscular skeletal changes going on over the past ten years but my doctor doesn't come up with a diagnosis - just aging.


AKFlyfisher - January 17

Yes, bright lights make me turn away... I cant walk by the lighting section at Lowes or Home Depot without squinting or looking away. Too many hours on the PC hurts my head, too bad I work on the internet network for a living ;(.... also loud noises startle and irritate me, even the oven timer or dryer buzzer, and loud talking people are the worse..... I have to tell my deaf fishing buddy to turn it down a notch LOL.... it really is too bad these doctors can't experience just a day of what we go through to make them understand this illness. I have a weird hissing in my ears when my stomach or GI tract spasms, I also hear nasaly sounds from my sinus cavities while laying down to sleep at night, I am sure its from the chronic rhinitis I have. I hope this helped.


barbar - December 18

Can you give us an update on how well you're doing?


Lynne-FT - December 19

Flourescent lights bther me the most the other day I was in a house with them and it was like being in a room with a old disco ball and strobe lights. I asked the other 2 people there what they saw they thought I had lost my mind ... needless to say I asked them to turn off the lights.


charliebrown - December 27

I can't give you an answer. but I can certainly tell you that I have experienced it quite frequently. I was not aware that it was fibro related, though.


jhummel03 - December 27

I am sensitive to lights, sounds, & smells. The only thing that I know to do is to limit myself and my activities. I miss out on a lot, but at least I am able to get through my days easier.

I turn my TV down, radio down, limit my time spent at the grocery store, etc. I also do not allow myself to be around persons who smoke or wear heavy perfumes. By doing this, I am able to cope better.

I know that it sounds crazy. This whole "disease" is CRAZY. Please know that you're not alone.



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