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Can anyone get fibromyalgia?
2 Replies
Christine - January 3

I'm 19 years old and for these past few months I've had headaches been dizzy almost to the point of passing out I've had tingling and numbness in my legs and pain in my legs and back almost every single day. I haven't seen a doctor because I don't want him or her to think that I'm being a hypocodriac or making it all up or like one person said there doctor just said it was depression. I have a feeling that something is wrong but, I'm just curious if I can have fibromyalgia at 19 or if it's something else. Any comments or suggestions would be helpful.


coco - January 1

Hi Christine.... you are not being a hypocondriac... did you every see a rheumetologist who believes in fibro.... ask your primary doc for a referral to one...
like me i had to see many docs before i was diagnosed and believed.. i am not 19 but i know a few young people who have fibro..
and christine... a good doctor would take blood tests and other tests to rule out other things.


Jean - January 3

Hello Christine: Fibromyalgia can hit anyone at any time. Being a young woman of 19 I can see where you would be skeptical about talking to a physician about your symptoms. Be that as it may it would still be wise to see a doctor. I would suggest for you to see an Internal Medicine Physician first. There he/she could rule out any other causes. From there I would find a Rheumatologist which your personal doctor will need to refer you. The Rheumatologist diagnosis and understands Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome. If this is what you have then I would also suggest seeing a psychiatrist only because they know the best treatment plans and monitoring of these types of medications. The reason for these mendications is due to the fact that the neurotransmitters that respond to pain intensifies and getting these chemicals in the brain balanced will help with sleep, pain and mood. Just know that we here understand and will do our best to help you in any way that we can but you do need to see a doctor. Have a Happy New Year and know that things will get better. :) smile



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