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C-section vrs Vaginal birth
2 Replies
nmutua - October 14

Hi moms!

I've been trying to find any good studies or learn through experiences that could help me make this decision. I've already scheduled a section for Nov 17, but now that I'm able to sit up long enough to do more research, I'm concerned about my body's healing time.

I'm 35 weeks and have been in a hideous flare for 7 months straight now. (lost my job 6 months ago, can't take care of myself let alone anything else) I can't imagine adding labor to this mess. History has shown though that I don't recover well at all. I still deal with a back strain that happened 6 years ago and can't put any amount of pressure on my scar from knee surgery 13 years ago. I'm worried that adding an abdominal procedure while I already struggle to keep my back strong is not a good idea.

I also plan to tie my tubes, but may end up going with tubal implants if I can stear clear of surgery.

Can you share with me your stories of birth, good and bad? How about experiences with ligations? I'd really appreciate it.


deedee1.1 - February 4

Hi there, i hope you get this message and reply back. How is your pregnancy now?? I've asked the same question and have had no reply. I am not preganat but am trying. My husband does not understand my illness and i dont now how i could cope. My husbands nephew (baby) came to stay for the weekend, i held him for a bit but was in so much pain. The babay was also playing and poking me and that really hurt but i couldnt say that to anybody. If i have my own, how will i cope. i cant cope now.


13tracy13 - February 18

I suffer from Fibro and I have 2 kids, 10 yrs, and 2 yrs and another on the way. Right now that I am pregnant I feel better then I have in years, I haven't had a flair since Dec. I have normal pregnancy issues which includes fatigue, but nothing compared to the Fibro. That being said, I have read that in the third trimester the fibro flares come back full force, so I am dreading that.
As far as the kids, my son is old enough to know something is wrong with mommy and sometimes I need his help, my 2yr old however goes constantly and some days I don't know how I chase her. Some days are really hard, and honestly if you do decide to have a baby you need to wait until your husband is more understanding about the Fibro first, because if he is not understanding now, how understanding is he going to be with a screaming baby on one end and a wife who he doesn't understand why she is so tired and in pain, and why should he have to help with the baby that's the mommy's job.
My husband drove me crazy after my diagnosis, because he thought it was just a label, just an excuse. Before I got pregnant this last time he was trying to be more understanding about everything.
Good luck.
For me, my kids are my everything and i can't imagine life without them, even if somedays I would love to stay in bed.With kids, no matter how bad you feel or how tired you are, they come first and you come last.



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