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Burnning skin
5 Replies
TJS - December 4

My skin burns like crazy at times , on my face , arms back etc. however you cannot see any rash, so my Dr. thinks I'm nuts. Anybody else have this problem???


larry - December 4

I highly recommend that you read the book "From fatigued to Fantastic" by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum. He is right on the money. He heads up the Annaplois, Maryland center for CFS and is educating the Center for Disease control on this syndrome. He has battled this syndrome himself and has been very successful. Recently the fibro and fatigue center asked him to be their medical director. ------- Burning skin is addressed in the first few pages.-----

I suggest that you read his paperback book and get a good grip on understanding what has happened to your body. When you understand this syndrome you will better be able to screen doctors to find out if they truly understand Fibro. This is very real and when you read the book you will be better equipped to learn how to reverse this syndrome.

You can also go to Mary Sholom's site as she has screened doctors as well.
I would suggest that you also sign up for the newsletter at to help get educated. As far as medical insurance goes, I submit my bills to my insurance company and they pay for the bills as the doctors at write up the bills using medical diagnostic codes.


TJS - December 6

Larry thanksf or the info I will check it out. I lost my health insurance as a result of an on going case with dept of labor and industries due to chronic allergic reactions at work . The pain and burning part of these reactions are being ignored by all parties involved.


carrie lee - December 6

My skin burns like fire sometimes, especially painful to take a shower and I have one of those rain water showers , feels like every drop is burning my skin. Dont know why but youre not alone


AmberRose - December 7

maybe your skin is dry ????? try using vaseline when you get out of the makes your skin soft and smooth ...i also have burning skin on my legs but its from teh dry winter air


barbar - December 13

TJS, if you are still with us, burning skin is a known symptom of FMS. I don't kow what to do about it other than get to a doctor who works with FMS who may be able to prescribe something for you.



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