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Burning Skin
9 Replies
hojo - November 21

Does anyone have burning skin sensations, not muscle? The skin on my arms, hands and face feels like I've had a bad sunburn. There is no redness or rash, just tightness and pain.


Jean - October 12

I have no clue. Have you seen a dermatologist?


Jean - October 12

I found a site that has a hotline to call (65)6350 8554 I don't know where it goes to and an e-mail [email protected]
Maybe this will help


gg - October 12

It is very common to have muscle burning. It kinda feels like someone injected bengay into the muscles. Bad stuff. I have often taken flexerel for this.. it is a muscle relaxor. Have you ever heard of guaifenesin for fibro? Go to for info and an on-line support group.


Pam - October 13

There is a skin condition known as Rosacea and I have it. It is common with people who have fibromyalgia. Google rosacea and get some info and see your derm.


Jean - October 13

I can find nothing on your skin symptoms. I'm going to say that maybe you are feeling tightnes and pain and burning through your muscles. It is amazing how your muscles can be involved causing like symptoms elsewhere but talk to your doctor.


Derek - October 15

Ya, I get the burning skin feeling. It seems to happen mostly when I am about to sweat. LIke when I get startled, or the sun starts to really warm the car, or even the first few minutes on the tread mill. Have talked to a few people with Lupus who describe something similar.


Beverly - October 17

I have been diagnoised with FM about 5 years.Yes sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and my arm feels like it's on fire. The inside of one leg feels like someone is holding a match to it most of the time.This is part of having FM for some people.


Maggie - November 20

That burning skin feeling has to do with the tiny nerve endings that are wide spread throughout the entire body and under the skin. FM patients have a faulty "pain receptor system" so when symptoms are flaring up the pain management system in the body goes out of control...hence the weird sun burn like feeling in the skin. The body starts to send the wrong signals and pain can result in areas you never felt pain before. I get it too. I get it all over...even on my ears. Fortunately I only experience this high level of pain about 3 times a year when my symptoms are at their worst. I take some advil and try not to think about it and sooner or later my episode goes away until next time. The burning skin feeling is a symptom of FM.


Jean - November 21

What about getting a diagnosis of Diabetes, this could cause this burning pain as well?



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