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Burning in head and eyes
2 Replies
bln3 - January 5

Hi All,

My twin sister was recently diagnosed with FM and is now trying to get into a specialist. She has the burning and pain in her joints, exhaustion, etc. that I see on the various symptom lists.

But she also has burning and extreme pain in her head and eyes. Also, her heads are bloodshot.

Is this typical of FM? And if so, if there anything out there that can help her? She is so miserable it breaks my heart.

Thank you much for any help you can provide.


colleen steele - January 5

Hi bln3, I'm sorry to see yet another afflicted with this miserable illness.But I can tell you I thought it was only me with those things. I get a terrible sharp sharp pain in my head sometimes , it feels like I am being stabbed with a red hot dagger,it only last about 20-30 seconds but it is excruciating, afterwards my eye will turn into a big red blood blister looking thing. It always scares the little kids ,nieces and stuff. My eye will stay red like that for quite awhile ,like a week or more.I don't know if it is fibro related or not , She should mention it to her dr.,he will probally want her to see a neurologist. I don't get these everyday ,but I know how she feels .I don't have insurance so I have never seen a neuro dr about it and I keep forgetting to tell my regular dr. any rate I hope she can find some help and I am sure she is very fortunate to have a sister to care for her. Let me know if she finds out what is causing it. I had a severe head injury when I was 14 tears old but I don't know if it stems from that or not.........Good Luck and Good Health ............Colleen


BrandyO - January 6

Hello bln3. Has your sister had MS ruled out? FM and MS symptoms can parallel each other and it might be a good thing (if she hasn't already ) to ruled out MS. She may also have something called trigeminal neuralgia. That can be an MS symptom too. I have it but have it under control with meds. It is very excruciating pain. I am happy to say that my neurologist has ruled out MS at this time but having fibro is no picnic! I hope your sister is feeling better soon. Brandy



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