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Burning in chest area
12 Replies
lisa1 - October 13

I have been having a terrible burning/pain in the middle of my chest where the rib cage meets. It comes and goes but is very painful. Any one else??


islandguy - October 15

Hi lisa1,
Sure sounds like acid reflux to me. Look it up on the net and see if the symptoms discribe yours. If they do .... your doctor will probably tell you to try some antacids and if it goes away then you will know that is it. Take care....


Gabbie - October 16

I agree with the possibility of acid reflux (GERD). I've had it and it can be painful. You could also try Prilosec OC, it used to be prescription but now you can get it over the counter. There's also Nexium but you need a prescription for that. Also stay away from carbonated sodas, coffee, spicy foods. These are things that you could try on your own, but I think it's important for you to see your doctor to rule out anything else. Feel better.


JJ1 - October 16

I have horrible gastric reflux. If I miss my daily dose of Nexium, I am miserable. But my pain is not where you describe. Mine is more in my upper chest and throat because gastric acid is backing up into my throat due to a faulty valve (hiatal hernia). The middle of your chest sounds too low for gastic reflux. It sounds more like costochondritis to me. Here is a link to Mayo Clinic website re. costochondritis:


JJ1 - October 16

I should add that you should see your physician about this.


lisa1 - October 17

Hi everyone. I spoke to my doctor about the symptons and he sent me to a cardiologist. He told me the symptoms are so varied, he does not believe it is heart related although he did a cardiac cath for good measure.I came out fine although not the most pleasant time I have ever had. Again, they have no answer for this either other than fibro. I find that it is extremely painful and seems to run up through my back and to my neck and shoulders. Tried all the meds for acid reflux and they did not help. Take care all and thanks.


JJ1 - October 17

I know you are relieved to know things checked out ok with your heart. I am sure it is frustrating to still not know what it is.


Gabbie - October 18

Lisa1. To diagnose GERD you would have to see a gastroenterologist and may need to have the test where they put the tube/camera down the throat. It sounds worse than it is. Sometimes it takes awhile for meds/diet to kick in. Are you by any chance a smoker because that can make the problem really bad if that is what you have.


lisa1 - October 18

Hi Gabbie, I had that procedure done in august. Found a med size hiatal hernia. Doc said it should not be causing this much pai. Today is very bad through rib cae up to neck and face and neck. Another sick day...


Gabbie - October 19

Lisa1. When you had the test did the doctor say there was any esophagal irritation from reflux? I also have a small hernia but the burning I experience is due to reflux and I feel it in the mid chest like you described. The reason I asked you if you are a smoker is because while I was still smoking, it didn't matter what pill or diet I used, I had terrible pain from the reflux and it wasn't until I quit, that the pain subsided. I still have problems from time to time but I find that it's when I'm upset and that trigger s more fibro stuff so that's when I'm pretty much a mess. I read somewhere that fibro can cause pain in the chest so maybe the two are related. What I am sure of is that it can be really painful. I actually thought I was having a heart attack the first time I had it (about 15 years ago) Did your doctor have any opinion what it could be?


lisa1 - October 19

Gabbie. They did not see any signifigant irritation. After test had a neck CT. Some larger lymph nodes but the ENT doctor said it was nothing out of the normal. This can be very fustrating. I do smoke, but have cut down alot since this. I am trying to quit, but this severe pain comes and goes. Some days I have none, others feel like I was kicked in the rib cage. Tried meds for acid reflux and did not help at all. Gave up soda, spicy foods already and drink a ton of water. No caffenine,. Still does not help. When it comes on, it can take my breath away. Doctors both PC and Pain Doc say it is just another of the many symptons..


Gabbie - October 20

After I quit the cigs I felt much better, at least I don't have the indigestion/reflux/heaviness in the chest 24/7. The meds never really helped. But, talking about it has me curious since I still do have the problem sometimes so I've been to a few sites and found where this reflux stuff can be related to fibro. There were several sites including the Maio Clinic that said fibro can cause "muscle related chest pain". Geeze, maybe that's been my problem all these years since my test years ago showed just a small amount of irritation in the esophagus as yours did. When my discomfort is acting up, the pain also goes through to my back. Wow, maybe it's been this fibro thing all along. I really do believe that giving up the cigs has definately made a difference so if you are trying to quit, do for it for other obvious reasons also! There's a site called Another "sharing" forum. One of the hardest things (I smoked for almost 30 years) but makes a big difference in your overhealth and the way you feel. And you know what Lisa1, we all need all the help we can get, right?? One day at a time and even though we don't want to sometimes, we need to smile and find some good stuff to think about! Hope you get some better days.


Robin1237 - October 20

Yes. It's called costochondritis. Inflammation of the cartilage between the ribheads and the bones. And what's causing this? Something very different than you realize: this is Lyme disease -- a bacterial infection. the bacteria are spiral and they get into our nerves and soft tissues. for info and medical referrals for help!



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