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Burning feet, pins and needles
11 Replies
FibroGal - September 19

Anybody get sort of burning or pins and needles sensations in the heels and soles of feet? I get it at night, not severe. Mild to moderate. Is it part of fibro? I don't have diabetes but worry about neuropathy. Hope it's a fibro thing.


Fantod - September 19

FibroGal - That's just another perk of Fibromyalgia - nerve pain. I get the electrical sharp shooting pain variety in my legs. Gabapentin is pretty effective to shut it all down. I take it at night because even at 100mg it makes me really groggy. Have a good weekend. Take care.


brooksidefarm - September 22

FibroGal - Fantod has it right. Another perk. My feet and hands do this at night, or even at the end of the day if I sit down to read or watch television.


axxie - September 23

FibroGal - yes I know where you are coming from I get the same perk feet and hands. I find walking at a slow pace helps to block needles sensation. The burning part is something else, some days it's a little bit and when you are having a bad day(s) it comes with leap and bounds.


katrinalove_1 - September 23

Hi, I do get numbness all the time because I have fibromyalgia and neuropathy. The pins and needle feeling you get only at night is most likely from your fibromyalgia. It is a symptom. My numbness affects the toes and the front bottom of my feet. Also with neuropathy my feet burn and have pain when I stand on them. Hope this eases your mind.


pnylynn - October 17

Fantod-You describe a sharp electical shooting pain. This is what I feel sometimes but in my temple areas. Would this still be the same type of thing? I have had that for many a years.


Fantod - October 19

Hi Penny - If I had to guess, I would say that you have myofacial pain which is also a "perk" of Fibromyalgia (FMS). This is usually caused by TMJ but it can just be a byproduct of FMS. If you think that you grind or clench your teeth at night, I would recommend that you find a dentist that specializes in TMJ. I wear a splint at night to keep my facial muscles relaxed. Incidentally, TMJ can also affect your neck, shoulders and arms. Take care.


katrinalove_1 - December 13

Hi FibroGal, I have the pins and needles and numbness in my toes. I do have neuropathy. If you keep having problerms, I would ask your doctor if he or she can help you. God Bless.


katrinalove_1 - December 13

I have fobromyalgia and get chills every day on and off. Could this be a symptom of fibro?


dkarssen79 - December 13

I get the same thing. I have constant pain in my feet along with pins and needles and numbness. The pins and needs/numbness isn't all the time, but the pain is. Has anyone found anything that helps with this? It is severe in the morning but as I get up and moving it is more of a moderate pain that never goes away. I'm on savella and lyrica and for the most part they are helping with the majority of my symptoms.


katrinalove_1 - December 21

Hi dkarssen, My doctor prescribed cymbalta 60mg at night. I still have the numbness, but most of the foot pain is gone. I do have neuropathy of the feet caused by kidney disease. Also the fibro. can cause restless leg syndrome and that pins and needles feeling in the toes and foot. I hope this helps you. God Bless.


solanadelfina - December 21

Dkarssen79, have you ever gotten checked out for plantar fasciitis by a regular doc or podiatrist? (The hurting more in the morning but less as you go is kind of typical of that.) I'm currently battling it and it's easier and faster to treat if you get started early. I'd recommend making an appointment to be sure.



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