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Burning feet (bottom of feet)
7 Replies
ouchithurts - May 17

Does anyone experience burning soles on the bottom of their feet or pins and needles from head to toe?


ouchithurts - May 17

Also, when you walk, do you sometimes feel you're off balance when you walk? This is the most crazy thing I've ever experienced :(


cheri21157 - May 17

I haven't been dx with fibro yet but I do get the buning feet and also on my hands and have the pins and needles feeling.


FibroGal - May 21

Yes, I have pins and needles at times in hands, legs, and feet. I've also had some burning sensation on the soles of my feet, too. And the most bothersome thing of all for me is the feeling of being off balance, as you mentioned. It makes me feel awkward and clumsy. All these are par for the course with fibro. Glad you are here. You're in good company with others who can relate and understand.


ouchithurts - May 22

Hi FibroGal,
Thanks for answering my questions. Sometimes I feel like I'm going nuts because there are so many things going on with my body. I know anxiety can't help it either, but I can't help the way I feel. Sometimes I feel so lonely when dealing with this, so that's why I joined this support group. My newest problem is bladder related. The Dr. wants to put in a bladder pacemaker to help with the overactive problems I've been experiencing...never a dull moment with this Fibromyalgia. I always wonder (even after a brain and cervial MRI) if this could be MS.


axxie - May 22

I'm getting better today, only have the burning sensation in my arms, yesterday it was my feet and two days ago, it was my whole body. I have been drinking more water...... I feel like a blowfish.....

I wonder some days did they really diagnose me with fibro? There's always some part of me that reminds me, that yes, I do have it.


Nicki523 - June 27

I haven't been diagnosed but I have the burning sensation througout my whole body. Sometimes I notice some days it's not so bad, but it's still there. My Doctor had me on anxiety medicaiton and that seemed to help a little. I'm trying to get off the medication, but now seem to feel more of the burning so I might have to go back on it?


Lisab - June 30

I was diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome 12 years ago and RA last year. I don't think I've ever put two and two together to get three but this may be a first. My skin hurts. Does that make any sense. There are times when it is muscle pain and most of the time joint pain in my hands. But my skin feels like I have a severe sunburn, arms and legs. I had carpel tunnel surgery last September that was going to "fix" the most severe problem I had. Well, it "fixed" permanent pain in my third and fourth fingers. If I accidently brush something against one of the fingers it feels like an electrical shock. They hurt constantly but I can't quite describe the feeling to my doctors. I'm becoming fairly good at typing with eight fingers instead of ten. I'm going to ask my rheumatologist if we might get to add yet another autoimmune disease to my list. Any thoughts?



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