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Bummer my insurance have turned me down
2 Replies
axxie - August 17

I had an accident and insurance paid, but doctor said I got fibro because of the bad fall, the doctor I saw seem so nice and was agreeing that I do have fibro all 18 points and that maybe I should have two days a week where they would pay so that I would have a rest and still continue to work.

The decision came in yesterday and it was not favorible, he contradicted everything he told me he was going to put in the report, and here I thought I had found a doctor who respected me and geniunly concerned about my pain.

No, he sited with the other doctors who say that I didn't get fibro because of the accident, because my doctor took too long to put in the final diagnostic and it doesn't fit in his fibro special doctor report. I think I have run out of option and now will need to continue to work five days a week, (my job is fun and I like the people, but winter just gets to me and that's when I miss alot).

I left a voice mail to my lawyer but she hasn't returned my call. I'm disapointed


Tspringer - August 17

What kind of work do you do? If your working in an office... have you thought about asking them if you can work from home a couple of days per week? With technology today, tons of people (like me) work from home. I used to own a mortgage company and all my employees worked from home. Apps like GoToMeeting make it very effective.



axxie - August 18

Hi Tspringer, well I don't think my employer would let me work from home, I just took an assignment in another part of the government. As for supportive, if you think the Canadian Government has any support for injured workers, the answer is quite simply no. They are all talk and will make your life so miserable that they will get Labour Relations into the mix and will harrass you with displinary measures just to get you to resign. I took a transfer somewhere else so that I would'nt have to deal with the nightmare they put me through. As for the Union the person who took care of that part of where I worked wasn't never available and when she choose to sit in meetings would not do much, when I asked her to do something she would never do it and you I would end hounding her and then she would use her famous excuse it's too late. The Director went and sighted with the Chief in question and basically told me that the writing was on the wall for me and that if I wanted to continue to work in the Government of Canada that I had to find myself another job, that the writing was on wall and they labour relations was out to get me. All because my accident happened at that part of the government.



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