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Brusing And Hair Fallen out
4 Replies
aliciasue - September 28

Im wondering if this is related to my FMS.Ive been brusing and hair fallen out in the last month.MY arms and legs are brusing in the large muscle also in the calfs.I also have a tinging acky pain in between shoulder in to my neck .almost feeling num to touch .My hair has been fallen out alot. Any feed back.I would be thankful. ONE more thing i do not have lymes .I had a blood test .3 weeks ago. thank you.


Robin1237 - September 28

Alicia -- Your symptoms still sound like Lyme to me. Am curious to know what kind of bloodtest you had done and at which lab. For example, the ELISA is a very weak test, and the Western blot tests -- IgG and IgM -- are better tests to run. Also, even at the best labs(I'd say Igenex and MDL are considered the best), not all people with L:yme test positive. So, many Lyme-treating doctors feel it's a clinical diagnosis, based on symptoms, and do a trial of antibiotics with folks to see how they do. Now I did test positive, and when I went on clindamycin 150 mg 4x/day, my fibro pain went to zero in one week.


JJ1 - September 28

Your symptoms also sound like anemia, which can be associated with fibromyalgia. Have you had your iron checked? My anemia is so bad I have to get IV injections of iron twice per year.


dalejr62 - September 28

I've been having the same problems. I brush my hair and the brush is full of hair. And my ring fingers and pinkies are numb also on each hand.


aliciasue - September 29

Robin1237...Ihad the western blot test 3weeks ago negative for lymes...............JJ1.I am having blood work done today for blood count also my thyriod.and b12 .and also certain vitamin def.test........dalejr62. I had the num hands like you with tinggling sensation.Ended up being CARPAL TUNNEL.I had a nerve conductive test that was positive. My hair fallen out im on my blood work i had done today.I will let you know how that goes .take care everyone .THANKS...



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