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Bruised feeling anyone?
5 Replies
jmtassey - February 25

I was wondering if anyone else sometimes have bruised feelings like on their cheeks, arms, sholders, and back? I can just barely touch my face and it feels as if it has a bruise when clearly it doesn't. Please let me know. Thanx.


JoniB - February 25

I get different sensations from my muscles. Sometimes it feels like it goes deep into the bones. Yes, bruised feelings , esp when touched. Also can have deep burning pain, sometimes stabbing pains, jaw & ear pain, head, back of neck, shoulders down to arms, back & around ribs, legs & bottom of feet. I believe all of this is "normal" for fibromyalgia. I take pain meds, anti-depressants, muscle relaxers, use heating pad & electric blanket to help.


jdtrust - March 7

same here. I received ALOT of relief when my new rheumo put me on pain meds. I also invested in a mattress cover with heater and that has given me some nice relief as well.


katchat - March 7

Yes..It hurts when someone even touches me lightly...I thought it was just me..I have had these symptoms for many years..People would touch me and I would say ouch and they would say I didnt even touch you hard and they think your crazy..In fact that is what brought me to this site..Even when my dog just brushes against me I feel like going through the ceiling...Im just glad to see other people have the same thing and Im not crazy lol.. I have bad shaking since I was younger...Does anyone have that problem?


Jennica - May 11

I have had that happen too! I thought I was just crazy. I don't even know what's wrong with me lately but it sounds like I might have this thing called Fibromyalgia.


jlh - May 15

YES!!!It is the weirdest thing. It feels exactly like you hace a massive bruise there one day then it is gone the next.It happens on my arms, legs, chest shoulders and back but dont think I have ever experienced it on my cheeks.



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